Gambia: Rejoinder: Cash crunch in Gambia


Pa, once again thank you for putting it out there. With regards to your yesterday’s editorial (Financial panic hits Gambia) I think the indications are on the wall. The accidental President Alhagie Yaya bandit Jammeh is hell bent on accusing every decent, capable and productive citizen.

Pa, JK  is a real hustler, as we all know, it’s election year. The accidental President and his cohorts are going around the countryside scamming poor citizens, especially in the Fonis with this so called rural electrification expansion.

Pa, the poor folks are being charged exorbitant amount. For example, application fee D500, meter fee D4,500 and a late fee of D200 without any electricity service being provided at your premises. Pa, in addition to that people are being asked to go and make payment at a bank. 

Written By A Concerned Citizen

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