Gambia: Enforcing honesty and integrity in Gambia should matter to everyone


Government official taking direct command from Yaya Jammeh and those working at the front lines as some security service personnel are serious and solemn Jobs, not to be undertaken lightly. Those are the people who often found themselves at moral crossroads, turning the power of the state against the innocent, a dreadfully serious business indeed.  The crocodile tears of those involved in decisions they will live to regret in life, to their lasting shame of hiding behind “I did what duty demanded” or, “doing so was a condition of keeping my job” erroneous statements are not an excuse anymore.  Two wrongs are feeding off each other kept us exactly where we are.  The Sins of the few, trickle down and affect a whole group who pay the dire consequences as the price of injustice against Gambians.  

The harsh treatment of the less fortunate, journalist, political prisoners by those in service of the nation and their willingness to tolerate unnecessary suffering among citizens is very disturbing. We hope Gambians made time to read and re-read the harsh treatment of vulnerable citizens on the hands of Yaya Jammeh loyalist, the deeply disturbing series about the treatment of fellow Gambians released on affidavits recently. The system of APRC governance is failing Gambians on many fronts, on any given day. Security agencies, ministerial portfolios of (Justice dept., interior) and the courts staffed by mercenaries has lost its sense of mission because of the constant churn at the top — the president. The slide began when Yaya Jammeh looked at the vast bureaucracy of the system and saw a gold mine of jobs and contracts for his brainwashed loyalist who will do anything against their morals for money, position, power and fame. It is abhorrently wrong swear fealty to Yaya Jammeh instead of the country. It is abhorrently wrong swear fealty to Yaya Jammeh instead of the country.

Countless stories of collaborated statements of detainees physically or allegedly sexually assaulted to the thousands of Gambians run away from their country is very disturbing. Worst of all, some whom the regime claim the disappear in small Gambia have never been found. We all know what that means, imaginary sad tombstones without burial from bereaved families.  Gambia need help now and can’t wait while the world bodies that are supposed to protect the citizens when the nation fails to do so, rethinking and redefining genocide, crimes against humanity with a numbering scale.  Some of the most telling stories come straight from those whom are supposed to be Safeguarding the welfare of the citizens about regretting the horrors they committed on citizens, those wearing uniform. Of course, saying this brings angry denials from many loyalist saying that they just follow orders and are at risk of being exterminated when they fail to do so, so let me try and cite some of the overwhelming evidence.

Yaya Jammeh, not at all intimidated by widespread disgust at his behavior, is getting ever more aggressive in his pursuit of critics of his administration and selecting few among us to do the dirty job. Apparently, he will have orchestrated the persecution Gambians through back door channels but he makes sure his name is not signed on any documents which will be problematic in the future. Likewise, the NIA top bosses or the security services heads uses every opportunity to sweep away traces of their names from an orchestrated scheme. As of now, those in leadership positions understands that they can get away with whatever pleases Yaya Jammeh in pursuit of a partisan agenda.  Instead, you have the poor little guys pushed forward Stepping into the middle of trouble to bear the burdens of the state. Honesty and integrity was something precious in Gambia but it is packed away gathering dusting waiting for the next Government.

Written By Habib ( A Concerned Gambian) 

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