Gambia: Breaking News: Robbery At The Central Bank Of The Gambia; As Yahya Jammeh Compels Bank Managers To Hand Over D41 Million Dalasi To Gen. Badjie!


The Management of the Central Bank of The Gambia (CBG) have been instructed by Gambia’s corrupt and greedy dictator Yahya Jammeh to release the sum of forty one million dalasi (D41 Million) to one of his closest aides General Saul Badjie, for an onward transmission to him (Jammeh) the Freedom Newspaper can reveal. The order was decreed yesterday (Tuesday). General Badjie and his henchmen yesterday showed up at the CBG to collect the money. A daylight robbery took place at the CBG on Tuesday, with Gen. Badjie and his surrogates compelling the Bank officials to release the aforementioned funds without questions asked. Gen. Badjie and co were acting under Jammeh’s directives.

According to sources, the broke ass Kanilai monster, has started messing with public funds kept at the CBG ahead of the Muslim feast Koriteh. Bank insiders are increasingly worried about the dictator’s growing appetite for cash. The CBG will soon be declared insolvent if Jammeh doesn’t curtail his indiscriminate request for funds, our source hinted. From the CBG Governor Amadou Colley to the last official at the bank is panic stricken, our source added.

“Yahya Jammeh is behaving as if he owns the funds at the CBG. These are public funds. He kept requesting for money without any proper documentation. General Saul Badjie, was here yesterday to collect D41 million dalasi on behalf of Yahya Jammeh. No one here dares decline Jammeh’s monetary request. These funds doesn’t belongs to Yahya Jammeh,” said an insider.

“If the International Monetary Fund (IMF) is aware of the true picture of the Bank’s financial situation, we will soon be declared as an insolvent Bank. Jammeh is requesting money from the Bank on a daily basis. These are not his funds, but he still wants to mess with it. There is no fiscal discipline in Jammeh’s government. Armed soldiers walked into the bank to collect money bags for Jammeh. This is getting out of hand. This bank will soon be declared close if Jammeh doesn’t quit his endless monetary request,” the insider added.

It should be noted that Yahya Jammeh, is in the business of showcasing his “richness” on Koriteh day, by dishing cash to religious leaders, including the Muslim Elders of Banjul, headed by Alieu Mboge. Jammeh has once again robbed the CBG bank. He is going to use the proceeds of CBG robbery to line the pockets of our poverty stricken religious leaders.

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