Gambia: Breaking News: Prison Fight In Gambia; Army, Police, And The NIA Deployed!


Fresh Intelligence has just reached us that there is a massive jail fight currently taking place at the mile two central prison, prompting the army, the police, the paramilitary and the NIA to show up at the prison to dose the mounting tensions. The prisoners are fighting. There is total pandemonium at mile two.

An army radio broadcast intercepted by our agent at the State House, indicated that the prison is in a state of turmoil. The radio broadcast came in few minutes ago. Almost all the security chiefs are on the ground at mile two, as we file this story.

Prisoners have been fighting for the past one hour or so. The prison wardens could not manage the situation. Hence, a backup was called to help restore peace at the prison.

It is not clear who are the people behind the prison fight, but sources said without the timely intervention of the military, the prison fiasco could escalate to a jailbreak. The fighting is still ongoing.

There is an army post next to the prison. The Hamza barrack could not handle the situation either. Shit is going down right now at mile two.

Dictator Yahya Jammeh has been notified about the latest disturbance at mile two. NIA agents are on the ground gathering bit and pieces.

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