Gambia: Breaking News: FBI Questions Gambian Journalist/Tennessee Real Estate Agent For Reading Islamic State News!


Reading Islamic State news could land one under FBI nets. Be careful about what type of news you read online nowadays, especially news relating to Islamic State propaganda news. The Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) can pay you a visit if the agency suspects that such news reading can radicalize an American or anyone living in this country.

Alhassan Darboe 2Gambian journalist, and Real Estate Agent Alhassan Darboe, received two FBI agents at his Tennessee home today at approximately 11:30 AM Eastern Time. The agents paid him a sudden visit unannounced while he was home sleeping.

“I was questioned by the FBI over alleged Islamic state ties.  Hilarious… They just wanted to make sure I’m not radicalized or have been planning any terrorist attacks in America. Where does my allegiance lie, Islamic state or America? Do I see myself as part of Islamic state or part of America? They said I’ve been reading news about Islamic state and they want to make sure I’m not planning any attacks or hurt anyone or radicalized,” Mr. Darboe tells the Freedom Newspaper.

“They even asked me about Anwar Awlaki, did I ever communicate with him or watched his videos,” he added.

Mr. Darboe, who migrated into the United States in 2010, felt flabbergasted by his FBI encounter. He categorically denied having any ties or being sympathetic to the Islamic State. He maintains that one reading CNN news reportage about the Islamic State doesn’t make one a terrorist.

“I told them in fact I’m a victim of terrorism as a Muslim because Boko haram killed Muslims and bomb mosques and they should cut their loses and pursue real terrorists than waste their time on an innocent Muslim business man like me,” Mr. Darboe said.

According to Mr. Darboe, the FBI agents wanted him to tell them, where one could read the most popular news site in regards to the Islamic State, but Darboe was not helpful to their inquiry. He told the agents that he is a proud American, who is loyal to this country. He also told the agents that the GOP presumptive nominee Donald Trump, CNN and other mainstream American news organizations talk about the Islamic State.

“I don’t consider reading such news publications as being connected to the Islamic State. America is my home. I am a proud American. I am a young man living the American dream. I am going to school and working. I am running my own Real Estate business,” said Mr. Darboe.

Mr. Darboe said he was not arrested. “I was questioned at my house. It was a friendly encounter.  Two agents came to my house. I was sleeping when they arrived. They have been knocking my door for almost ten minutes. When I opened the door, they flashed their badges and announced that they were from the FBI,” Darboe said.

Mr. Darboe is increasingly concerned about the ramifications of his FBI encounter—given the fact that he has Real Estate Clients. He said he is a law abiding American and therefore such encounters could create a wrong impression about him as an American Muslim.

“ I am legit. I love America. America is my home. I am married with a family. I even shown them the house I am building in my native country,  The Gambia. My Real Estate clients means a lot to me,” he said.

Mr. Darboe said the FBI agents then thanked him for cooperating with them during the thirty minutes long interview he had with the agents.  “They asked me to be a confidential informant if that’s something I will like,” he said.

The FBI could not be reached for comment.

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