Gambia: Step Down Yahya Jammeh


I call on all Gambians at home and abroad to unite in any forms and by any means to remove the ill-mannered dictator Yahya Jammeh from the presidency of the Republic of The Gambia. We must not sit down and watch Yahya Jammeh damage our beloved nation beyond repairs.

Mariama 1We have had enough of him since 1994. Nobody can tell us anything more than we can all see, hear and feel about his dirty behaviour in office; even baby Aisha, a month old girl-child is a victim of his misrule. Baby Aisha and her both biological parents are victims of Yahya Jammeh’s iron fist rule. Baby Aisha goes to his detention centre and to the kangaroo courts with her innocent mother Kaddy Samateh.

Each time Kaddy Samateh faces Yahya Jammeh’s machinery judge with his wooden hammer for cross examinations, she would carry baby Aisha under her armpit. She would stand up with her while she breastfeeds her because they both share the same charges in the liberation struggle. Their only crime is just to show solidarity with their husband and father who dutifully went to court for expressing his civil rights by peacefully demonstrating for electoral reforms with some other Gambians on 14 April 2016 ahead of December 2016 general elections.

Each time that Kaddy Samateh begins responding to the judge’s questions, she couldn’t resist shedding tears out of fear and helplessness. In one of the court sittings, the innocent baby Aisha suddenly stopped breast feeding and instinctively faced the wicked machinery judge with teary eyes. In an emotional tone, the baby girl began kicking and babbling out for mercy; common sense could tell. However, the insensitive judge paid a deaf ear to the cooing baby Aisha who represented herself in gurgling sounds. As soon as the court attendees saw baby Aisha struggling to talk to the judge, they all sympathized with her and exclaimed, “Allahu Akbarr” meaning in Arabic, God is great. Where on planet earth has a toddler been arrested, detained and tried in a kangaroo court out of grudges other than in The Gambia under Yahya Jammeh? 

Under normal circumstances, babies are innocent of any crimes whatsoever, and they deserve nothing but absolute care, love and protection. People with their senses admire babies without any prejudice. We are kind to them, we show them love, talk to them, smile for them and if possible sing for them and they return godly smiles to us. This is what we know and it’s how we are all brought up in our various setups irrespective of race or creed.

Mariama 2Thanks to one-man government show. The least we can expect from the female members of his cabinet is their strong reaction to insane Yahya Jammeh’s controversial orders. They could have at least raised their voices to be heard for the unconditional release of the politically motivated women detainees and the baby girl. Where is Vice President Isatou Njie Saidy, Justice Minister Mama Singhateh, and Foreign Minister Neneh Macdouall? The illegal president Yahya Jammeh has it all wrong since the dawn of 22 July 1994 to date. If we don’t stop him he shall ever continue to do things from bad to worst while serving as president.

Yahya Jammeh will never know the benefits of peace unless and until fire catches up with him. He feels Mandinkolu are thorns in his flesh. He fears the Mandinkolu as his biggest enemies, thus he cannot stand the 43 per cent ethnic majority group in The Gambia. In the real fact, we the Mandinkolu don’t see ourselves tribal as we settle and interact with all other tribes in The Gambia. We get along with all other tribes. We are no threats to any one, neither Yahya Jammeh nor his regime otherwise by now our schools’ curriculum would have portrayed him and his regime in our history books.

He accuses Mandinkolu as enemies of themselves hence they were the biggest opponents of the former ruling Peoples Progressive Party (PPP) of President Jawara who is a Mandinko with the largest Mandinko followers. President Jawara understands politics and democracy therefore; he tolerated not only Mandinkolu but any other Gambians opposing his government genuinely. Mandinkolu are democratic and they exercise their democratic rights within the scope of our constitution irrespective of tribe or creed. Yahya Jammeh versus Mandinkolu justifies beyond any reasonable doubts that dictators fear oppositions in all forms because they want to maintain their positions by all means necessary.

In the recent past while touring the country, his agenda at Talinding Kunjang rally in Kanifing Municipal area was to attack the Mandinkolu. He was annoyingly swearing at his audience, dehumanizing the Mandinkolu to the point of threatening to kill us all like ants and cockroaches. He accuses Mandinkolu of plotting to destabilize his government and country. He further claimed that Mandinkolu are foreigners in The Gambia who never existed in The Gambia before 1886. That of course is a multibillion dollar lie. I don’t need to waste time to argue that statement but just to refer him to his history books and history teachers. Therefore, if the 43 per cent ethnic group continues to pose threat to his government he will deport all of them to their origin Mali. He further said that he will kill anybody that goes out to streets to demonstrate and nothing will come out of it. This is a message he has sent to The Gambians and the world at large about his ill intentions ahead of December 2016 general elections, in other words, crimes against his oppositions.

It is important that United Nations (UN) and ECOWAS among other international bodies and individual nations, civil society organisations, social media activists, resident and Diaspora Gambians, The Gambian online newspapers and radios have him in video records as he incites genocide in The Gambia.

In view of the above, the UN Special adviser of the Secretary-General issued a statement on 10 June 2016 said such “vitriolic rhetoric” had historically been “both a warning sign and a powerful trigger for atrocity crimes”. Yahya Jammeh’s recent political move, reveals that he is controversial; ‘the square person has squeezed himself into a round hole.’ Step down Yahya Jammeh! You are not fit to be president. According to The Mandinka saying, “don’t praise your dog before she produces her first puppies.” Gambians made that mistake and we praise sing our big-mouthed bitch from nowhere before he could produce the expected results that we assigned him to produce. It is from this concept that Yahya Jammeh controls the narrative of our contract with him, thus blind fooling us by bathing our faces with hot spicy water day in day out.

Another serious controversial move he took at his own purview is when he declared The Gambia and Islamic state without any prior consultation and against the constitution. Yahya Jammeh is an unseasoned politician who has no understanding of democracy, human rights and rule of law. One day Yahya Jammeh woke up from a day dream, he went straight to his television and declared The Gambia as an Islamic State. Most Gambians where speechless as others taught he was kidding. However, his praise singing Muslim fanatics embrace his idiotic move as genuine Gambians where speculating over his stupid decision without consulting The Gambian population. Yes, that’s Yahya Jammeh again who treats The Gambia and her people like his personal properties. As rumours spread, he went ahead by implementing all the required protocols in lieu of national opinion polls, notably the Christians and other non-Muslim Gambians. His Supreme Islamic Council and his rubber stamp parliamentarians endorsed his move and the security forces stand and watch the Jammeh sycophant movie.

It’s about time that we work in concerted efforts and seize our country from the jaws of the stubborn left-legged mule. We must shackle his legs, fix a bit and bridle on him and slim him down. I suggest that this is the only way we can restrain him hence that’s the only language he can understand.

Written By Mariam Juwara, @JuwaraMariam

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