Gambia: Tortured Foroyaa Reporter Writes To Sam And Halifa, He Debunks The Excuse Given By The Foroyaa Management About His Health Being


Dear Halifa and Sam,

I Mamour M.Mbenga a Gambian by birth and a journalist of Foroyaa Newspaper, I hereby writing this letter to reply the claim that Foroyaa editorial has explain to Freedom Newspaper pertaining to my constraints.

mbenga foto of torturedThe respond they made on Freedom Newspaper regarding to my complain was not a genuine facts related to what’s really happens and the respond is just to  protect their political backbone.

They relate their respond on the following result that I sustained a wound culminating from a stab inflicted on me during my youthful age with they explains lead my health condition  with severe pain.

I Mr Mbenga deny the respond result and its seems like Sam and Halifa Sallah are trying to brush the questions with a black paint that Pa Nderry ask?

I think the question of Pa Nderry relays on Why Mr Mbenga arrest and tortured was not publish by the Newspaper and the Role of GPU with is the protection body of journalists in the Gambia?

Why Mr Mbenga was not given a full time medical  support for his treatment to Dakar?

Did Foroyaa made any effort to enquire Mbengas health condition in Senegal since he left the Gambia? 

What effort was made the time mbenga was brutally tortured and later arrested?

 I think this are some of the basic question Foroyaa should answer.

Since I came to Senegal for treatment,this is the email I sent to Sam Sarr;

 Hi uncle Sam, in Senegal now for almost one month,am suffering with a fracture both the leg and the shoulder,This was sent to him on 26 May 2016,

And he respond on the following day on 27 May 2016,REPLYING in the following as Dear Mbenga, I am glad to known you are receiving treatment, I wish you speedy recovery. The entire staff were concerned about your welfare. This was his message

Anyway is right that I wrote to say am receiving treatment in Dakar but they never seize the opportunity to ask me about my constraints and challenges since I left the Gambia in April neither to email nor consult with my family to enquire my health problem, NO they never did.

Uncle Sam and Halifa you guys make the worse disappointment to me, my expectation and dreams that you people promise and taught me has fail badly.

You don’t know how am feeling as at now, you people don’t respect my pains and agony, you people don’t respect my profession and rights, you people don’t respect my MOTHER who came to you with a crying tears of support at your door steps but you still ignore to support the bread winner of the poor crying mother.

The Money amounted D6, 850 that was lately given to my mother was not even intentionally a faithful support from their heart but a pressure that was struggle by my mother who was totally frustrated and feel the pain I encountered.

On the 14 April peaceful demonstration I was manhandled at west field by the PIU, while I was on coverage duties

 I was assigned by Sam Sarr to witness and investigate a crowd that was gathering at Westfield, demanding an electoral reform with was organized by the Gambians and lead by the organizing sectary of UDP the late Ebrima Solo Sandeng.

 I was manhandled by the PIU while I was taking pictures and videos’ of the scene, later admitted at one night to Serekunda hospital in kanifing on same day, due to an internal pain and Sam Sarr knew about it.

Two days later on 16 April I was assigned again for the second coverage to investigate the rumors that circulate in town that Solo Sandeng was tortured to dead, I was brutally tortured with leads me to sustain serious injuries and both Sam and Halifa Knew about  it.

Sam and Sulayman Bah a sport journalist lately came to visit me at home and I was given a totally sum of D200 by Sam Sarr incase if I am in need to buy medicine.

I decided to stay at home with the chicken change I was given and nurse my pain alone cause I feared that if I got to hospital I can be arrested, later some days I was been supported by one Muhammed Saho who is a tailor by profession and a neighbor, who when to the pharmacy to finance most of my medical bill.

I was never, never, never, been look after until I was later arrested by the securities at the border within the Senegambia while I was on my way to Senegal, in order to seek for assistance to the Senegalese philanthropist for further medical treatment.

Since I came to Senegal none of the Editorial Board members, GPU neither the staff of Foroyaa Newspaper has ever write to me on face book or send an email to find out my health condition. I later sit and discussed with my mine that since I came to Dakar for treatment, I was never been look after by this people and I decided to send an email to Sam Sarr on the 26 June to see what will be his opinion and react.

This was the message I sent to Sam,

You wrote to say you were receiving treatment and that you will be coming back soon. This was your last message. What you learnt from me is the principle to speak the truth in good faith in the public interest. Make sure that no matter how difficult your circumstance that you continue to adhere to such principle. 

You started treatment since the beginning of the year for the injury that caused internal bleeding for the stabbing you received as a youth which causes internal bleeding. Because of the concern for your life you were put on indefinite paid sick leave you felt much better and reported to work on your own. 

We are still concerned about your health. You were simply waiting for your medical report for us to start fund raising for your treatment. We are therefore urging you to tell your mother to pursue the report. If it is already with you, you should seek consultation in Dakar on what is needed to get treatment. You know as much as we do that your youthful injury is dangerous to your life. Give this a priority.

Sam Sarr Tel:(220)4393177 (220)9834076

Editors note: We have decided to publish Mr. Mamour Mbenga’s letter unedited. Thanks for your attention. 

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