Gambia: Breaking News: Gen. Martin Bounces Back At Kanilai; As JK Imprisons Gen. Musa Savage!


Dictator Yahya Jammeh is never short of enablers despite the humiliations, and disrespect he subjects his former appointees. The dismissed former Kanilai Camp Commander General Alhagie Martin, has bounces back, the Freedom Newspaper can reveal. Mr. Martin, who was sacked and demoted is the new Kanilai Camp Commander. He replaces General Musa Savage, who is currently under state custody.

Mr. Alhagie Martin came in Kanilai, this time around, with the rank of Brigadier General. He has been allocated with a brand new Pajero, with no number plate (no registration number). The Jammeh assassin team known as the jungulars now reports to him. He also oversees the secret detention cells and bunkers in Kanilai.

As Martin assumes office, the disgraced army officer, was taken on a conducted tour of the facility in Kanilai. Some kidnapped detainees kept at a bunker built by the Chinese, were moved from the bunker for Martin to see them. There are unspecified number of detainees held at the Kanilai bunker.

Mr. Martin was also taken round to the other cells situated in Kanilai. As the Camp Commander, the well being of the detainees rest directly under Martin’s supervision and responsibility. Martin is now the new big man in Kanilai. He has reconciled with his former boss Yahya Jammeh.

It would be recalled that Mr. Alhagie Martin was dismissed after his short reinstatement into the army. He was reinstated into the army after his diplomatic tour ends in Taiwan, He serves as Deputy Ambassador in Taiwan, prior to the severing of ties between Taipei and Banjul.  

Meanwhile, Mr. Martin’s predecessor General Musa Savage, is said to be detained at the Mile Two prison. The circumstances surrounding Savage’s arrest and subsequent firing from the army is unclear. Mr. Savage’s name came up during the December 30th failed mutiny. He was interviewed by the NIA and later cleared.

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