Gambia: Breaking News: Senegalese Armed Robbers Killed Gambian Hunter; Fleeing With An Unspecified Amount Of Cash!


Armed robbers believed to be residing in Senegal, have attacked a Gambian border village last night, killing a local hunter, leaving with an unspecified amount of cash, mobile phones and other valuables, the Freedom Newspaper can reveal.  Mahamadu Nanki, a resident of Maka Masireh, Wuli, was confronted in the bush by the armed robbers, who were heading out to his village to rob the local Mauritanian shop owners. Mr. Nanki, who is believed to be 36 years of age, was tied on a tree, his mouth sealed off, legs tied, and beaten to death before the arm robbers proceeded to The Gambian border village Maka Masireh.

Macky and jammeh 1The late Mahamadu Nanki, was married with five kids. His widowed wife Sourwa Jahbai, is eight month pregnant. Nanki’s life was taken away by the robbers. The robbers told him that if he is allowed to return to the village, he was likely to blow their cover. Hence, he was killed on the spot.

Besides being a hunter, the late Mahamadu Nanki, was also engaged in farming, and baking bread to feed his family. He left his home on Sunday for hunting only for him to be killed by the robbers. He was killed within Senegalese territory, sources said.   

After killing Mr. Nanki, the attackers who were riding motorbikes parked their motorbikes along the border. They walked on foot to the village, where they gunpoint a Mauritanian shop owner, and ordered him to surrender his cash, and belongings. The Mauritanian complied.

The robbers even left with mobile phones belonging to the villagers, sources said. Some villagers charge their mobile phones at the Mauritanian shop. The attackers then quickly withdrew from the scene of the crime and entered Senegal.

Villagers of Maka Masireh, have complained about their cattle being stolen by armed robbers using Senegal as their base. The robbers occasionally prey on the villagers to pursue them, but the unarmed villagers wouldn’t want take the risk of engaging such deadly folks.

Another concerned villager also expressed concern about the conduct of the Senegalese Customs agents posted along the border. He recalled an incident in which a plain cloth Senegalese Customs agents ambushed him in the bush.

“He just emerged from nowhere and jumped on me. I thought that I was being attacked by criminals. The man identified himself as a Senegalese Custom officer. He wanted to extort money from me, but I refused. All paperwork was in tack, and that I do not have anything to fear. I was riding a motorbike at the time,” the villager tells the Freedom Newspaper.

Soldiers posted at the Basse Army Barracks, policemen, including some intelligent operatives from the NIA visited the scene of the crime late Sunday. This followed a search conducted by the local villagers to locate Mahamadu Nanki, who earlier reported him missing hours after the robbery.

Mr. Nanki’s body has been escorted to the main hospital in Banjul for postmortem.

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