Twenty seven top officials of The Gambia government have been arrested and dismissed with immediate effect, the Freedom Newspaper can reveal. The officials mainly permanent secretaries have been detained at the NIA headquarters in Banjul, pending further investigations. The officials have been accused of fraudulently auctioning Gambia government vehicles and other unspecified items.  

The detained public officials are going to spend Koriteh, under state custody. They are likely to know their fate on Monday, according to sources.
The Office of the President in a press release issued on Tuesday, informs the general public that these people have been dismissed from their positions and are currently under investigation for fraudulently auctioning Gambia government vehicles and other unspecific items.
The detainees are as follows:-
Yira Jammeh, Senior Assistant Secretary , Ministry of Petroleum
Momodou Saidy Leigh, (SFO), Ministry of Fisheries
SannaGassama Chief Driver – Ministry of Justice
Fatoumatta Bah, (PO) Ministry of Fisheries
Roheyatou Kah, Deputy Permanent Secretary – Ministry of Petroleum
Dr. Cherno Barry Permanent Secretary –Ministry of Higher Education
Fafa Sanyang Permanent Secretary – Ministry of Petroleum
Cherno Njie (TC) Ministry of Agriculture
Momodou Lamin Jammeh, (SEO) Ministry of Lands
Bernard Mendy, Director of Protocol – Ministry of Foreign Affairs
Malang Jammeh, Chief Driver – Ministry of Trade
Abdoulie Jallow, Protocol – Ministry of Foreign Affairs
Aja Fatou Gaye (SDC) – Dept of Physical Planning
Abdoulie Jallow, Principal Assistant Secretary-Ministry of Lands and Regional Government
Abdoulie Jallow, Permanent Secretary – Ministry of Finance
Famara Darboe, former Ag. Director – Ministry of Fisheries
Naffie Barry, Permanent Secretary – Ministry of Trade
Lamin Ceesay, Chief Driver-Ministry of Foreign Affairs
Kaideng Sambou, (PO) Ministry of Finance
Jerreh Sanyang, Deputy Permanent Secretary –Ministry of Higher Education
Habib Jarra, Permanent Secretary Ministry of Foreign Affairs
Tijan Jeng (PO) – Ministry of Information Communication Infrastructure
Lamin Sanneh, Permanent Secretary (2) Ministry of Lands
Lamin Camara, Permanent Secretary Ministry of Information Communication & Infrastructure
Ousainou B. Jorbateh, (DoCV) Ministry of Lands
Aminata Samega-Janneh, Assistant Secretary – Ministry of Trade
Abdoulie Jarra, Permanent Secretary Ministry of Fisheries

The mass arrest of these public officials followed the capture of a Senegalese fugitive Boy Jinneh, who was being harbored by The Jammeh government. Boy Jinneh was picked up by Senegalese law enforcement agents in Senegalese soil while on board a vehicle bearing a Gambia registration number.

Speaking shortly after his apprehension, Boy Jinneh said he is tired of being sent to jail on frivolous charges. He claimed that he hasn’t committed any crime to warrant his arrest. He called out President Macky Sall’s name during his brief statement saying ” I am sending this message to Macky Sall: I rather die than to spend time in prison. You have the choice to kill me, if you want. Then, the world would say Senegal has executed its own citizen. I rather die than going to prison. I am ready for anything. Kill me if you want,” the said the captured fugitive.

Analysts opined that the arrest of the twenty seven public officials is another distraction from Jammeh. It is aimed at downplaying the arrest of Boy Jinneh, said the analyst. “Jammeh wants Gambians to concentrate on the mass arrest of the public officials and forget about the case of Boy Jinna. In other words, he wants to control the news cycle. Jammeh, is complicit in harboring a wanted felon in the person of Boy Jinneh. The embarrassment associated with the arrest of Boy Jinneh is huge. Hence, he has resorted to scapegoating innocent public officials. Just check the timing of the mass arrest of the public officials,” the analyst added.

Sources close to the State House say the Kanilai monster had a bad day on Tuesday, when he read a Freedom Newspaper piece exposing his financial and security secrets. The piece talks about Jammeh’s old plane which was flown to France for routine maintenance. It also addresses Jammeh’s deliberate attempt to bankrupt Gam-petroleum, including the Ministry of Petroleum.


Dictator Yahya Jammeh’s financial and security secrets are easy to access nowadays. Just give the NIA few couple of dollars and they will provide you with any information regarding Yahya Jammeh’s financial and security secrets. Jollof is not easy! The NIAs are not satisfied with their pay. Hence, they must embark on freelancing to earn a decent living.


Under the circumstances, the poverty stricken NIA agents, have no choice but to sellout. Information is power and the online media is investing heavily in rattling Jammeh’s cage. We want to thank our source for making such an important and valuable information available to us.

The NIA is reporting that one of Yahya Jammeh’s planes was recently flown to France for routine maintenance.  The said plane bears identification: C5-GOG Registration. It is Boeing 767 100 built in the sixties. It is an old plane which is likely not going to pass yearly safety and security inspection. But since The Gambia is a developing country, the dictator is on his own. It’s his responsibility to ensure that the plane is flyable.

The plane landed at the Banjul international airport on June, 24th. The NIA were at the airport on June 25th to witness the testing of the plane. Picture of the plane has been published together with this story. The NIA van is parked next to the foot of the aircraft.

The Kanilai monster is broke. He even dipped his dirty hands into the coffers of the government to service his old plane overseas. Jammeh is a thief.

The Gambia Civil Aviation Authority boss, the GIA Financial Director and co should run upon their release from custody. Failure of which, JK is going to falsely jail them.

The GIA MD has the backing of General Saul Badjie and the Lands Minister. Jammeh wanted to have him under custody, but it was the duo who saved him.

Like The Gambia Petroleum case, JK is going to scapegoat the other Department heads in his sheer pursuit for money and material world. Lest Gambians not forget that in every liter of gas sold at the pump level, nationwide Yahya Jammeh receives D4 dalasi. He also receives free fuel for his fleets of cars. His regime is also heavily indebted to Gan-petroleum. This is how JK has bankrupted Gan-petroleum and the Ministry of Petroleum. What we are reporting is a top state secrets.  Jammeh is a thief; straight up!

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