Pa, Modou Fall alias ‘Boy Djinne” has been arrested since Tuesday at around 9.00 at Kalifourou in the department of Vellinagara by the border police stationed at Kalifourou. Accompanied by his wife, the fugitive who was given sanctuary in the Gambia by Yaya Jammeh,was traveling from Guinea Conakry after collecting a vehicle (BMW X6 series) he had stolen from Senegal.

Along the way, the stolen vehicle developed some mechanical problems at Koundara. It is reported that there he got a mechanic to fix the car by the name of Pape Ndiaye who came to help him. After hitting the road heading to Kalifourou the border police were tipped off and they immediately got help from the Gendarmes who mounted a check point and waited.
Modu Fall, his wife and the mechanic were intercepted and taken to to the Police regional office in Tambacounda. He was found with a false Gambian passport and identity card and according to the Senegalese Liberation daily paper, Gambian authorities are being accused of complicit in helping Boy Djinne to evade justice in Senegal where he escaped from the prison of Diourbel.
He is now under the custody of the Criminal Investigation Division of the Senegal Police known as DIC. Many people are now wondering whether his capture is part of Yaya Jammeh’s strategy to fulfill one of the elements that were raised during the border negotiations with Senegal the negotiations of which are scheduled to be continued before the end of this month.
Written By An Insider
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