Hours after their radio appearance on Freedom Radio Gambia’s Leral Show, discussing the resignation of their formidable and respected Chairman Omar Bah, three prominent members of The Gambia Youth For Unity (GYU) have resigned from the Organization with immediate effect, the Freedom Newspaper can reveal. GYU’s Africa members: Aisha Dabo, Sainey Marenah, and Sana Camara have all resigned from the GYU. The resignations took place last night while GYU’S Momodou Nyang, Jai Ceesay Kurubally, and Fabakary Ceesay, were on air acknowledging the departure of Mr. Omar Bah, from the organization.

The GYU, has been marred by mass resignations for the past couple of hours. Reports have it that Mr. Flex Dan, also resigned as an Executive Member one month ago, although Dan still retains his regular membership with the Organization.

Flex Dan’s resignation, followed an internal squabble he had with a female GYU Executive Member. The duo had a heated confrontation during one of their Executive Members. Flex was even branded as an “Aku Pickin ” during the war of words he had with the female member. Reports have it that profanity was used during the exchanges.

According to sources Ms. Dabo, Mr. Marenah, and Mr. Camara cited professional reasons for their resignations. The GYU Executive is yet to formally make the latest resignations public.

Besides, the massive resignation facing the organization, leaks from the organization said the GYU’s financial standing is not that impressive. The GYU,  has nothing more than one hundred United States dollars ($100) in its account, said our source. GYU Executive Members, who appeared on the radio last night have denied any internal squabbles within the organization.  

GYU spokesman Momodou Nyang was contacted for comment, but the call went on voicemail. Mr. Nyang responded in a text message by saying: “At work.”

In another development, Mr. Momodou Nyang, phoned us shortly after we published the story  to confirm about the resignation of Ms. Aisha Dabo, Sainey Marenah, and Sana Camara. Mr. Nyang said the Dakar bloc was an important pillar of the GYU. He said the trio resigned from the GYU last night. The GYU, he said, is yet to make a formal statement on the matter, but he adds that the organization’s Vice Chairman Fabakary Ceesay, will come out with a statement soon.  Notwithstanding, Mr. Nyang said, the GYU, respects the decision of the three resigned members.

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