In the year 2013, the GAFCCU, which is the credit union entered a land deal for its members with one Fafa Kuyateh, the famous former director of finance at the Brikama Area Council, during the Algali commission. The said land is in Siffoe bought at the tune of D37 million from the monthly savings of its members.

saul-badjie-e1441514359592This was facilitated by warrant officer class 1 Sheriffo Jatta, the current Alkalo of Jiboro village. A board was hastily formed comprising Lt Col Alagie Sanneh, as Chairman, Captain Adama Trawally of the Gambia Navy, WO1 Kemo Njie, WO1 Sainey Sillah, Captain Amadou Bojang , Lt  Ebrima Dampha, Major Musa Jammeh as the financial Director, Lt Madikoi Jammeh as treasurer, Captain Armando Jatta all members.

Members decided not to take the land because of its location and the cost involved, the union went bankrupt and it was so sympathetic that cheques were bouncing at every branch soldiers go to. This made the board members so nervous that some openly talked about the bad deal they had entered. D18 million was given out as bribes to the members and other high ranking military officers. The ring leaders who got the lion share were Major Musa Jammeh and Lt Madikoi Jammeh, who is currently posted at the officers mess in Kotu for fear that soldiers will create noise when they see him there. Col MA  Bah, took a bold decision by taking over the union when Major Jammeh was in Darfur and pump in D10 million from the peacekeeping vote so as to allow soldiers get their hard earned money.

The soldiers at the state house made a lot of noise, but the almighty General Badjie covered it so that the big man will not know. I will come back with why he never wanted the man to know and how much he was given in the D10 million.

Also how much each member was given and those who rejected the offer and why the members hate Col Kawsu Sanyang who rejected the land deal

Allah is my witness and soldiers know all because still now a lot of them are facing deducted loans they never took just to falsify the account.

Written By A State House Insider

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