Mbye, I would like to share some talking points with you concerning the unfairness and injustices going on in our motherland The Gambia. From the protesters , Ansumana Jammeh saga, the GNPC staffs and the 27 dismissed civil servants.  When I heard Jammeh talked about zero tolerance for corruption with the Muslim leaders on Koriteh day, it makes my head spines. Jammeh is the most corrupt human being God ever created on earth. 

 Mr. Mbye, let me give some comparison and the people will see how unfair and corrupt Jammeh is. In 2003,  Baba Kajally Jobe was charged for failing to pay  custom duty and Ports fees of D100 million, he was convicted and sentenced to 10 years  in jail and subsequently killed by Jammeh.

The same year 2003, Lang Conteh, former  foreign exchange manager Central Bank, was charged for embezzling D224 million and was convicted and sentenced to one year in jail by the same judge. Where is the fairness ???  Baba, who could not pay customs due to financial constrains suffered most while Lang, who was a thief and embezzled was given a token  sentence . The writing on the wall was very clear: Lang Conteh was Jammeh’s errand boy at Central Bank.

Another comparison is Former Secretary General Ousman Jammeh, was convicted and sentenced  to 3 years in jail. Just because he failed write to treasury department  to stop Mr. Shering Jobe’s salary former permanent secretary ministry of finance when  he was fired by JK.

Ousman was given a 3 year custodian sentence without option to pay the D90 thousand . Even though, he pleaded guilty without wasting the court’s time . In his mitigation, he pleaded with the judge that he served The Gambia government for over 30 years with diligence and dedication but to no avail 

Now Ansumana Jammeh, a  born brother of Yahya Jammeh, was charged with economic crime and corruption for receiving $7 million = D280 million in bribes. He pleaded guilty before the judge . But what happen ?? This is historic in 22 years of Jammeh in power. Ansumana, was convicted and sentenced to ” VIP” treatment . He was fined just to pay D25 million in 3 years without custodian sentence. Someone, who received D280 millions in bribes now has to pay D25millions as a fine. Where is the fairness and why others were not given the same treatment?? Was Ansumana the real culprit? Big no! He was just used as front. Because these very owners of the so called Canapro company or investors were the ones that paid $3 million to secure the release of Rambo of one plus one who was convicted to death along side with Gen. Lang Tombong Tamba in 2009 .

So where is Jammeh’s zero corruption tolerance ???? When he is the criminal – in- chief  CIC.

Now Jammeh said the GNPC case is the biggest in the history of his 22 years of power. That’s a lie if Ansumana alone deprived Gambians of $7million =D280million compare to 9 staffs of GNPC, who were alleged of mismanaging D12 million petrol deals with a bogus company.  

My fellow Gambians,  let us do the math:  $7  millions divided by 1 = 7 million / Ansumana . $12 million divided by 9 people = 1.3 million each. Therefore, Ansumana’s case is the biggest in 22 years of Jammeh rule.

Finally, 27 civil servants fired for fraudulent auction of government vehicles??

In 2006, there were about 300 vehicles donated to Gambia government during the Africa Union summit . Where are they????  The vehicles were all parked at State House. These were the vehicles Jammeh was giving to his prostitutes , Senegal musicians, wrestlers , marabouts , praise singers etc. In fact, some of these vehicles were in turn donated to the late president of  Guinea Bissau Malang Bekai Sangnia, when he was running for office. These are Gambia government properties; he has no right to sell or give them away without people s’ permission .

Look at the AU villas, who are living there ?? They are either Jammeh supporters like Uncle Boto Sanneh, Sainabou Sarr,  former US residents, or his prostitutes like Ms. Jallow of GRTS and a host of his relatives. These villas are government properties; period; because the Taiwanese government sponsored the project at the tune of D80 million . Instead of giving civil servants to live there, no but Drug dealer Gen. Bobo of Bissau can hide there. 
Can Jammeh tell Gambians, where he got the money that he bought Sheraton hotel at Brufut? He is the chief corrupt leader of all time.

Written By A Concerned Gambian

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