In his latest outburst, Gambia’s dictator Yahya Jammeh, has issued a notice to the Senegalese government by urging the Macky Sall government to police their borders otherwise Jammeh said he is going to kill any Senegalese criminal, who crosses the border to commit crime in The Gambia. Mr. Jammeh was speaking on Eid (Koriteh) day at the State House in Banjul. His statement followed an increasing reports of cattle wrestling along Gambian border villages, especially in Wulli. In some occasions local communities are killed by the cattle wrestlers.

“I am sending a strong warning to the Senegalese government and her people. You need to control your people. If any Senegalese criminal crosses the border to commit crime in The Gambia, if caught I am, going to kill the person concerned. There is no short cut about that. I will kill the person and nothing will come out of it. This nonsense got to stop. Enough is enough,” Jammeh said.

“Now that the Ramadan is over, we will soon set an example. We have deployed our troops around Basse and its surroundings. If we catch any Senegalese criminal within Gambian territory; that’s the end of the person’s life. We will kill the person concerned.  We will kill you irrespective of one’s nationality. The Senegalese government is being placed on notice,” Jammeh fumed.

Mr. Jammeh also talked about a six month old baby, who was raped in the URR region. He also said he is going to kill baby rapists and cattle wrestlers.

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