Dear Mr. Mbai, the last time we heard anything about the VP, Isatou Njie-Saidy, was when she joined the First Lady to perform the Umrah. Since then her conspicuous absence during the Koriteh meeting with Muslims elders is noticeable.

JAMMEH AND ISATOU NJIE SAIDYThe visit of a Saudi deputy minister who was received by the Solicitor General added more speculation on the whereabouts of the VP. Is she still performing the Umrah or is she on sick leave? If so, the public need to be officially notified about her situation to allay any wrong interpretation of her unusual absence from the public domain. Indeed, indeed, indeed!!!

Similarly, the government is still silent over the health condition of Yaya Jammeh’s loudest praise singer, Mr. Bala APRC Jahumpa. We need to know why is he still receiving medical attention abroad.

The Information minster is really dormant when it comes to providing necessary information to Gambians. He has a big role to neutralize the ‘radio kankan’ with regular information dissemination for official public purposes. 

Written By An Insider

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