The Gambian government has rejected clearance request made by Gambia’s former Army Chief of Defense Staff Lang Tombong Tamba, to seek medical treatment in neighboring Senegal, the Freedom Newspaper can reveal. Major General Tamba applied for clearance so that he can meet with doctors in Dakar, Senegal, for treatment, but his request was denied. No reason was given for the denial. Mr. Tamba has since resigned to his sick bed waiting for death, sources said.

Relationship between General Tamba and Yahya Jammeh, the dictator he calls his “brother” has not been cordial since Lang’s legal woos with the state. Jammeh has cut off all ties with Lang. He even said he doesn’t want to see Lang again.

Despite Jammeh’s snub towards him, Lang said he is still loyal to the dictator. He recently tried to mobilize the people of Sinteh, his place of birth to welcome Jammeh during his nationwide tour. But that move taken by Lang angered the dictator. Jammeh ended up cancelling his Sintet meeting because of Lang’s unsolicited move.

Family sources said Lang Tombong wanted to play by the rule by informing the authorities that he was planning to seek medical treatment in Senegal—not knowing that he is Gambia’s number one most watched person by the state. Since his release from jail through a so called Jammeh pardoning Lang, has been placed under state surveillance.

The only plan B left for Lang, is for him to consider absconding like the other former security chiefs have done in the past. The ball is now on Lang’s court.

Written By Pa Nderry M’Bai

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