General Musa Savage is now a hot cake in Sweden. Women are scrambling for the General. The General, has married a second wife in Sweden. Ms. Nato Njie, of Gothenburg, is kicking it with the Gambian heavy weight General. Ms. Nato Njie, is using Savage’s picture on her Viber profile. Nato used to date Ansumana Jammeh. She is now rocking it with Musa Savage.

Meanwhile, Ms. Fatoumatta Bah, Savage’s wife in Sweden has took on social media announcing that she has divorced the General.

“I told my husband Musa Savage to divorce me but he refuse. He is not a good man and doesn’t want her wives to be united. I am the 3rd Fatou. He was dating Nato before he married me. He is the one that followed me and sent his colanut 3 times before my family accepted it “Taaru Jigeen, sai” . I told my mom. Before he married me he told me he only has 1 wife when he had 2.” Fatou Matta Bah, the wife of Gambian Army General Musa Savage was quoted as having said by the Sentiments show of The Gambian Talents. 

Musa Savage is hoping to settle in the West after the fall of Yahya Jammeh. By marrying a Swedish national, Savage thinks that he eventually resettles in the West.

On the other hand, Gambian women holding Swedish citizenship, marring Gambian army Generals also enjoy diplomatic privileges. Reports have it that the dictator’s Generals are using such diplomatic privileges to sexually appease girls overseas.

The Western intelligence should closely monitor the activities of some of the girls frequenting Banjul. Reports have it that some of the girls are being used to smuggle banned substances.

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