Pa, This is the Soldier again. Permission to write SIR. My boss, as you know you are beating us to most of the information and you are on top of your game. You are driving monster Jammeh crazy, and DCC has slightly changed strategy and we will share this with Gambians in due course. In the meantime, dictator Jammeh is bluffing that his spiritual doctors have finally neutralized DCC. Dictator Jammeh if you know what DCC is working on you will fire, arrest and send your spiritual doctors to MILE-2. DCC will let actions speak louder than words but DCC knows everything that you are doing, whenever DCC writes something you will counter it by not executing what you orchestrated or delayed your evil actions. For example, DCC has written on this paper over and over again that ministers, permanent secretaries, MD’s, CEO’s, watchmen, herdsmen, gardeners, etc will be arrested, DID IT NOT HAPPEN, and more is yet to come.

alima_jammeh-dMonster Jammeh DCC knows exactly what you are doing right now, you are in Kanilai in “slaughter house” with Ethiopian prostitutes, do you want to deny it? Did you not leave devil Zeinab at Banjul and she is crying because there is no money?  Even your daughter Mariama Mimi Jammeh, who is on holiday is complaining, do you want to deny that? You claim that you are an Imam and Emir but you are right now sleeping with prostitutes, are you a married man, no you are not. Monster Jammeh DCC can write a 1 million page book on you and we will conclude this report on you.

Fellow Gambians, if anyone has access to Halima Sallah, the former wife of monster Jammeh, please tell her to GET OUT OF GAMBIA. Please inform her parents for them to let her know that her life is in imminent danger. Monster Jammeh is in Kanilai and he has instructed for Halima to be terminated. Gambians this is no JOKE. Halima is currently being monitored and a well thought out plan will be executed soon.

According to DCC state house agent, Halima is staying at Tabokoto and there is a special surveillance team following her every movement. Fellow Gambians, actually this is not the first time that an assignation team has been assigned to terminate Halima. Halima, you and DCC know that the first time you barely escape. DCC will not get into details and you cannot deny this, TIME WILL TELL and one day you will be on freedom radio confirming that the junglers attempted to kill you and you escaped. According to one jungler, you were supposed to be killed that “night” and you escaped. Halima, DCC has warned many people and DCC has saved a lot of lives, DCC helped a lot of people escape and DCC is warning you that do not trust even your family members, monster Jammeh has instructed a team to hunt you and they are monitoring and will soon pounce on you. Do your homework and you will observe that you are being followed and Gambians will be DCC’s witness that we warned you. Get out of Gambia as soon as possible. Do not trust the Jammeh sisters, they are befriending you for a reason. In fact monster Jammeh is trying to terminate all former mistresses, he will try to terminate his former secret wives, and anyone who has slept with dictator Jammeh is on the list of people that needs to be terminated. It’s up to these people to heed to DCC advice, TIME WILL TELL.

yaya-epouseFellow Gambians, DCC can also report that monster Jammeh health continues to deteriorate. Dictator Jammeh continues to collapse for long time, lately he suffered another collapse and this was kept as a secret. For unknown reasons Gambians, when he recovers and regains consciousness he goes from ruthless to madly evil insulting even Mariama Jammeh’s dog. Something is terribly wrong with this brain especially when he regains consciousness, he projects himself as a supreme GOD, that he is master of the GODS that he is the man who sees forever and sees beyond the galaxies. He is constantly making statement that for the 2016 election there will be ONLY one name on the ballot and that is him.

But Gambians, DCC can confirm that dictator Jammeh is a paper tiger, he toothless as far as Ninkinanka Saul Badjie is concerned. Saul is no more a co-president, but the president. Every soldier, police, and all security personnel are answerable to him. You should see when this man is traveling to the provinces, he dishes money out at every check point and army barracks. Our boss, was spot on when he reported that Saul Badjie is corrupt and DCC can tell you that Saul Badjie, is the richest Gambian today. For dictator Jammeh, he continues to be brutal to his own people, his face is hanging and saggy, he is tired the skin visible shows it. State house is very tense, state house is like a hollowed out tree, look strong from a far distance but with a slight push it is over. Monster Jammeh knows that naturally people are not programmed to be abused forever, he knows that it is over and this is why he is making statements why IMAMS and others are not advising him. Monster Jammeh do not even listen to his mother, period.

Remember Gambians DCC reported on this reliable paper that a lot of people will be arrested and some will escape and abscond to the diaspora especially Senegal. PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE don’t trust them, they are fake, they will blend with innocent Gambians, they are on a mission for monster Jammeh. Very soon you will hear that the detainees at NIA and MILE-2 will be offered bail and some will abscond. DO NOT TRUST ANYONE, this plan has been hatched long time ago and DCC reported this on this paper.

Savage newDCC can also report that very soon the MDs of SSHFC, GRTS and GPA will be in trouble soon. The MD of GPA continues to collect all foreign currencies especially from Farafeni and hand it over to the financial foot soldiers for delivery to Saul Badjie and dictator Jammeh.

Fellow Gambians, as reported here by this newspaper, DCC can fully confirm that Musa Savage is in MILE-2 and is in the security wing and is sometimes locked “NAKED”, no clothes on. Musa Savage was severely tortured and arrested with other soldiers who are also at MILE-2 as we speak. What comes around goes around, RIP December 2014 Martyrs.

Monster Jammeh if you think that the majority of Gambians are using “silence” as a refuge then you are making a big mistake. You have made statements that anyone who has enjoyed during your presidency MUST go down with you and this is one of the reasons why you have started arresting people. But please don’t force this people to confess, allow the GNPC people you accuse to talk freely in court, why did you not allow Ansumana Jammeh and co to talk in court, you know that they will spill the beans on how much you and devil Zeinab has robbed the country. Monster Jammeh your own financial foot soldiers used to and still goes to GNPC petrol stations and collect all the raw cash from the managers with no paper work, DCC reported this about 6 months ago, you cannot deny this. You are paranoid and rarely venture out now and even when you do you are under heavy guard. You want to ultimately transform Gambia to a Kingdom so that you will become EMIR and KING of Gambia forever, if that fails you will create chaos, secede FONI and annex it to CASSAMANCE, DCC is aware of all your plans.

This is The Soldier, RIP ELLO JALLOW, MILE-2 NINE, December 2014 Martyrs and SOLO SANDENG.

Written By The Soldier

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