Mr. M’Bai, I have been a keen follower of your on-line newspaper for a very longtime and this is the first time I am writing to you. I was watching GRTS yesterday and I saw a panelist of APRC supporters and as usual talking about the achievements of Yaya Jammeh. I was really upset when I heard Mrs. Binta Jammeh-Sidibeh making untruthful allegations about the former President Jawara blaming his government for depriving her scholarship because as she said on national television that ‘she was from the Nuimis.’  How untruthful? This was a blatant lie.

I knew this Binta Jammeh for a very long time. We attended Wesley Primary School together and we all came from Illiasa. Her father, Alhagie Ba Karamo Jammeh, was a very pious and no-nonsense man selling palm oil at the Albert Market, an ardent supporter of the PPP party.

Please read this excerpt from the Independent Newspaper written on 18 May 2001 by Olufemi Jr about Mrs Binta Jammeh’s aspiration to stand for President in the election of that year:

The Independent (Banjul)

Gambia: Binta Sidibeh a Presidential Hopeful?


By Olufemi Jr

“Banjul — Obviously four parties (APRC, UDP, NRP and PDOIS) will go to battle in the election terrain. But election year may also be a year of surprises. You may be vindicated for bracing yourself for a possible new party with a woman plucking a hand for the presidency. The list of Gambian women who have come of age is getting longer by the day. Binta Sidibeh a staunch human rights activist and an unfaltering feminist may be one of them. As she reveals here, women have long been left out in the cold politically and it is high time they sat by the cozy fireplace.

And she is not ruling out throwing her head tie into the political ring for the highest office on the land. Born in Banjul in the mid fifties Binta attended Wesley Primary School and The Gambia High school for heA Levels before she left these shores for the USA where she bagged a Bachelors and Masters degree in History and Sociology at Indiana University.”

As you can see above this is a woman who used to have serious political ambition to become president. She is also notorious for having been engaged in fraudulent activities with a project she was heading called WISDOM. We also know that she was involved in falsifying official documents at the USAID where she was in charge of coordinating training sponsorship for Gambian participants. She was tried in court for fraudulently using donor funds to send all her siblings under US funding to the USA. Guess what? Lawyer Ousainou Darbo was her counsel in all those criminal cases.

It is an insult to us the Mandinkas to hear Mrs. Binta Sidibe praying for Yaya Jammeh to rule this country for another 22 years. Somebody who is in record for using obscenities against us. Shame on Binta Jammeh-Sidibe and all those unworthy Mandinkas supporting Yaya Jammeh. If holding the position of Executive Director at Women’s Bureau is worth the insults and the tirades against Mandinkas then dishonest people like Mrs Sidibe should be exposed. I hate to create trouble for decent people but I also detest to see opportunists and sycophants in our system lying to get positions from Yaya Jammeh.

Thank you for publishing my story. May Allah guide us be truthful even if the going gets tough. 

Written By A  Former Classmate Of Binta Sidibeh Jammeh

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