As promised in regards to the GAFCCU issue the following people took bribes from Fafa Kuyateh. 

1. Lt Madikoi Jammeh D2.9 million excluding the smaller amounts he failed to save in the bank whenever soldiers prefer to repay their loans and later deducted from their salaries.

2. Major Musa Jammeh D3.5 million,

3. Lt General Saul Badjie D2.5 million collected by his drivers and orderlies on installments.

4.W01 Jatta Sheriffo D1 million

5. Lt Col Alagie Sanneh D 750.000

6. Captain Amadou Bojang D400.000 

7. Captain Adama Trawally D400. 000

8. Lt Ebrima Dampha  was never involved because he is not in good terms with Madikoi and Musa

9. WO1 Njie Kemo also rejected the offer .

10. W01 Sillah Sainey also rejected it.

11.Captain Armando Jatta was not aware.

12. Private Sanyang Abdullah D250.000 he cross checks the payroll and update the devils of how many soldiers they can randomly deduct to cover the deficit

It is interesting to note that the Central Bank and NACCUG which is the umbrella body that regulates all credit unions in the Gambia wrote a damming report about the issue but yet still the almighty General Badjie silenced all their reports.

They are all bragging that all is taken care of and none of the members should fear of anything. The officers and soldiers know it is an open secret that they are robbed by their superiors and then it will be under the carpet.

The CDS is a coward and Saul the semi illiterate is directing all activities of the Army. What a same this is..

More will follow including the military police officer who impregnated a female soldier at Bakau camp and is also shielded by the powerful General.

Written By An Insider

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