In what appeared to be a drone, has suddenly landed in the outskirt of a Gambian village Sarreh Bojo, in the Upper River Region (URR) the Freedom Newspaper can reveal. The incident occurred last night amid a rapid police and community presence at the scene of the drone landing. Onlookers quickly surrounded the drone. The drone is equipped with cameras. No one here seems to known the origin of the drone and its mission.

Local villagers of Sarreh Bojo, first spotted what they called a “white object” sitting in the outskirt of the village. The villagers then alerted the police. Police responded, but the cops were visibly clueless about what the said object was about.

Sources have intimated that Banjul was informed about the incident. A team of investigators reinforced the Sarreh Bojo police. The white object was later transported to Banjul for further investigations. 

Panic and anxiety continue to grip the people of Basse and its surrounding areas. This is the first time that a drone has landed within the shores of The Gambia. The Gambian dictator’s reaction to the development was that of a panic. The dictator has been in constant touch with his security team on the ground. He has even ordered his security operatives to beef up security in the area.

The nation is patiently awaiting to hear from the Kanilai monster in coming hours. The development. followed threats made by dictator Yahya Jammeh to kill Senegalese cattle wrestlers intruding into The Gambia to steal cattle. Jammeh has vowed to kill any Senegalese cattle wrestler caught within Gambian soil. He even used his Koriteh speech to address the Macky Sall government directly. He urged the Macky government to police their borders by not allowing Senegalese criminals to intrude into Gambian territory. Jammeh made it clear that he is going to kill any Senegalese criminal trespassing on Gambian soil.

The drone landed not far from the home village of The Gambia Democratic Party (GDC) leader Mama Kandeh. Mama Kandeh, hailed from Sarreh Biram. Sarreh Biram and Sarreh Bojo are neighboring villages.

Drone found in Gambia

Drone found in Gambia 2

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