Greetings Sir, 
On behalf of Sahel Entertainment Studios Gambia, I am sending this press release for onward publication using your widely followed media platform. 
At Sahel, we strongly believe in the development of the Gambian entertainment industry by providing high quality contents for Gambian TV and beyond. 
It is our hope that together we can collectively contribute to the growth of this industry.
Thanks for your co-operation.
Yours sincerely,
Ogozi John.
Director of Media Relations
Sahel Films Inc.
For immediate release:
19 th July 2016.
Press Contact: Ogozi John Director of Media Relations
+220 4466949
Sahel Entertainment Studios Launches ‘Tunes From The Soul’ TV Show Sahel Entertainment Studios has proudly announced the launch of a new TV show titled ‘Tunes From The Soul’ with the first episode featuring The Kerr GI Family and set to hit the screen across The Gambia on GRTS on Friday, August 12th 2016 at 9pm. ‘Tunes From The Soul’ is a journey into the depths of inspiration, it explores the human experience and artistic talent that gives birth to some of the most melodious tunes from the Gambia and other African Countries.
Produced and Directed by Olakunle Oyeneye and created/written by Daniel Akinshola, both equipped with years of production experience in local and international productions. ‘Tunes From The Soul’ is hosted by Omid Wisdom, each episode is an entertaining package that brings viewers a new and exciting perspective on the originality and uniqueness of Gambian and indeed African music. It features one-on-one interviews with popular Artistes as they reveal deep issues that evolve into ‘Tunes From The Soul.’
“The show presents us with a kaleidoscope of Gambian and African music in its different genres, and the in-depth interactions with the artistes help us to discover the life within their songs,” said Bubacarr Batchilly, CEO/Founder Sahel Films Inc and Executive Producer of the show. ‘Tunes From The Soul’ is one of the flagship productions of Sahel Entertainment Studios in Gambia, which is focused on providing quality entertainment contents for Gambian television and Sub Saharan Africa. About Sahel Sahel Entertainment Studios Limited is a Gambian-based production company and an affiliate of the media distribution company, Sahel Films Inc. registered in Los Angeles, California. ###
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