The verdict has been handed!  Ousainou Darboe and co have been jailed for three years each. The judge found them guilty as charged. Shock and disbelief continue to grip the UDP supporters.  Details are sketchy.  We will keep you posted with developments.

The case was heard by Justice Dada, a Nigerian judge. She has sentenced the accused persons to three years in jail with hard labor.

The prosecution was represented by Bakum, another Nigerian legal luminary.

They were arrested on April 16, for protest of political reform. They were charged April 20th 2016. The charges were on six counts.

Count one: unlawful assemble for one year

Count two: Riot

Count three: incitement of violence which was struck out

Count 4: riotously interfering with vehicles convicted for six months

Count 5: Holding a procession without a permit convicted for three years

Count 6: Disobey an order to disperse from an unlawful protest convicted for three years

Count 7: conspiracy convicted for six months.

Justice Dada said the total conviction is 8 years, but it shall run concurrently for three years. The prosecutor called four witnesses and proved their case without any reasonable doubt. Amongst the accused, only one person, the sixth accused Yahya Bah, was acquitted and discharged

Darboe and 18 of his supporters have started serving their three years jail term. The verdict was followed by a heavy rain. Some of Darboe’s supporters and sympathizers, and relatives cried after the judgement.

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