As this conviction of UDP party executives whom were merely asking the return of the death body of their colleague —Solo Sandeng and the gruesome violence against Gambians by Yaya Jammeh leaps into the international spotlight, Yaya Jammeh will try by all means to distract Gambians with tall tales of confusion the unsuspecting population to divert their attention from the ultimate miscarriage of justice handed by an unconstrained Nigerian Mercenary Judge. At the onset of this political trial, it was clear that Yaya Jammeh was overeager to jail them for 3 years by over criminalization of what at worst should be treated as political dialog. After all, everything was redressed by Yaya Jammeh, a conspiracy theorist at best to earn a “guilty mind” bogus conviction of UDP executives. This unjust conviction is a pretty clear situation that Yaya Jammeh just wants to please his evil ego and hear that: Ousainou Darboe is locked in a small cell and suffering for opposing his injustice.
Yaya Jammeh gambles on provocations each time because he feels that Gambians fear him so much that their reactions won’t elicit strong response or that even if Gambians does respond, and he pushes forward opportunistic individuals to stare divisions among us in order to diminish the effectiveness of the response. Days after the events of April 14th and 16th, he ran to his home town “Kanilai” close to Senegalese border of Cassamance but returned thumping his chest after he sense that Gambians did not rally together as one nation. So he ceased on that opportunity go after the few who stood up against his injustice. Every Gambian is at risk now because APRC regime is allowed to set a precedence to charge almost anything as a crime under this brutal APRC regime. Yaya Jammeh clearly pose a serious threat to both freedom and peace of Gambians. For years now, Gambians and those concerned about his terrible human-rights violations, so far tried unsuccessfully to reason with Yaya Jammeh in an effort to temper down on his unchecked aggression against the citizens. He continues thumping his chest with brutal rampage on the innocent citizens and also trying hard to increase political inequality to distract Gambians on their mounting problems as a result of his policies. 
As human beings, it’s natural that we may not see eye to eye on catalyzing events but there comes occasions when it becomes necessary for people to dissolve their political opportunism in the midst of humanitarian need and national tragic events to assume unity with fellow citizens. Under APRC regime, this expectation is left unfulfilled in any giving opportunity because Yaya Jammeh divisiveness and his loss of self-respect against Gambian citizens. Gambian culture values humility and kindness, but Yaya Jammeh abandon these traits as he is always seeking self-recognition through violence. He shamefully entertains himself bizarrely by taking victory of Gambians tragedy, engaging in schoolyard insults of Gambians and his divisive grandstanding. He is always imposing anything on us without our consent, taken captive of his feared opponents, constrained our fellow citizens, depriving us in many cases, altering our cultures fundamentally whatsoever, constantly waging war against certain tribes, and destroyed the lives of our people. Nevertheless, everywhere one turns, all news you get is unprecedented levels and serious violations of Gambians namely; jailing, disgracing, firing, suffering, feeding Gambian population with forbidden meat and human sacrifice for him to maintain power through fear or he is busy putting Gambia thoroughly in disgrace. 
Yaya Jammeh — always at his stubborn best, a very ill-disciplined morally deranged showman who always puts himself at the center of attention and is willing to put up with a lot of scandals, disapproval of Gambians, using force, injustice and fear in order to stay in power. The good he does is always of partisan nature or unrecognizable due to the spirit it was conducted. He clearly hoped that his tall tales of confusion the unsuspecting population with banning child marriage, government employees whom he is accusing of corruption and malfeasance in their agencies would divert attention from the issues of the day. He is his own enemy and does a pretty good job of persuading many Gambians that the APRC leadership is dysfunctional. Gambians are bewildered and struggling to understand why Yaya Jammeh remains intolerant of the UDP party and Ousainou Darboe in particular. Yaya Jammeh and his perilous APRC regime has nothing to offer but a taker from Gambians, now has turned to active persecution, violence against Gambians and exploiting off the good will of Gambians to milk the country dry. Some Gambians are just too polite and some are still comfortably satisfied to coddle with Yaya Jammeh when any opportunity or chance available to redeem themselves. Most Gambians, have tried for the most part to stay out of the politics so as they say, but the rebellion of Yaya Jammeh has no boundaries and now — they see the drastic significant erosion in whatever rights they use to have.  Few who are lucky have fled the country, and those who remain expect growing challenges, given the periodic waves of violence of Yaya Jammeh, including kidnapping, assassinations and home demolitions.
 He is always eager to exploit our differences with frothy rhetoric, lie about the source of our problems and this is something that Gambia as a whole nation is learning to its sorrow. With ignorance of all these basic moral facts, he thus failed to establish close relations with Gambians which could have help him learned as much as he could. it is very difficult to point out to an event whereas he acts substantively presidential, or he elevates himself above petty obsolete issues to the whole Gambian nation since he had made Gambia dependent on his will alone. Yaya Jammeh has made it clear that he is not ready to reconcile his fractured relationship with Gambians. Determined to stay in power, Yaya Jammeh thinks the only way he can do it is to make life as inconvenient as it can for as many Gambians and blame it on our difference. The few usual voices of his supporters hardened by a corrosive cynicism thought — he comes up from the bottom and understands life there but he demonstrates the opposite to us that he does not care about ordinary Gambians except for using them. They are always making an excuse for his blunders and working tirelessly to impede our efforts. Yaya Jammeh’s highly politicized — overly aggressive agenda on ordinary Gambians through compulsion combined with the cultural deconstruction of our society Is a clear example that Gambians are in increasing need of relief from APRC regime. Yaya Jammeh record is evidence that he failed and that Gambia needs a new leader to stop the bleeding of its citizens. Gambians need to come together because we are all sick with disappointment of Yaya Jammeh’s inexcusable disregard for human life. This man needs to go away. 
Written By Habib (A Concerned Gambian) 
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