Is this a decoy? Who is Jammeh Musa trying to deceive here? Fresh intelligence has just emerged that the mad dog Kanilai monster will not be attending this year’s July 22nd military takeover celebrations. Various intelligence and security apparatuses across the nation were informed accordingly about Jammeh’s planned move not to show up at the so called military revolution anniversary.

Jammeh’s decision, followed the jailing of Gambia’s opposition leader Ousainou Darboe and his accused persons.  Mr. Darboe and co have been each jail for three years.

On the same vein, Jammeh’s controlled judiciary have today jailed Fatoumatta Jawara, Ngnoi Njie, Fatoumatta Camara and co to three years each. There is shock and disbelief across impoverished West African nation.

Few days ago, someone informed us that Jammeh has ordered five Rolls-Royces ahead of the Friday, July 22nd anniversary. “ You always  said Yahya Jammeh is broke.. Well, he just imported 5 Rolls-Royces. They were brought in last night on a cargo plane. Five brand new Rolls-Royces (RR) for the July 22nd celebrations,” said our source.

According to sources close to the NIA, Ministers and different dignitaries would be in Banjul to witness the celebrations. Jammeh’s chances of attending is next to nil based on the information circulated by his Intel network, the NIA, said our source.

This is not the first time that Yahya Jammeh has issued such an internal communication within the security services. Sources said Jammeh is increasingly worried about how the UDP supporters would react to the jailing of their leader.

Appearing in such a gathering at a time, when the nation is politically polarized, amounts to gambling with his security, said one Jammeh aide. Notwithstanding, said the aide, Jammeh is an unpredictable being. For now, there is no indication that Jammeh will attend this year’s July, 22nd anniversary.

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