Gambia’s ailing dictator Yahya Jammeh, suddenly collapsed during the July 22nd anniversary celebrations. He was rushed to the State House for further medical attention.  Jammeh was addressing a handful of school children and government workers, when he suddenly dropped on the ground—leaving the gathering in a state of panic and confusion.

JAMMEH IS SICKAs reported last night by this medium, Jammeh had earlier informed his trusted aides that he was not going to show up at the July 22nd celebrations, but he decided to change his mind at the eleventh hour. In what was supposed to be his maiden July 22nd speech, has turned out to be an incident—with Jammeh being evacuated from the crowd.

Almost everyone, including security chiefs were taken aback by the development. Mr. Jammeh was rendered unconscious by his seizure attack. This is not the first time that Yahya Jammeh has suffered a seizure attack. He occasionally defecates and urinate himself when confronted by seizure.

The Gambia is at crossroads politically. While Yahya Jammeh, has been quarantined following his Friday’s seizure attack, his Vice President Isatou Njie Saidy, has been absent from work for weeks now. She is battling with high blood pressure and diabetes.  The Vice President was conspicuously absent from the occasion.  

Ms. Binta Sidibeh Jammeh, the Chairperson of The Gambia Women’s Bureau, is being rumored to be Isatou Njie Saidy’s successor. She took part on a radio program recently, while bracing herself up for the upcoming assignment. She even prayed for Jammeh’s leadership.

As we file this report, both Yahya Jammeh and Vice President Isatou Njie Saidy are on their sickbed. Both Jammeh and Isatou are sick at this hour. Reports have it that the military is likely to intervene to bailout the nation from the current leadership vacuum it is faced with.

Inside Banjul, and its surrounding towns, there are military checkpoints all over the place. Armed soldiers search vehicles and delayed traffic for hours.

Meanwhile, General Musa Savage and General Borra Colley, were spotted at the parade ground in Banjul. The duo sat close to each other. They were far from Jammeh’s entourage.

Savage and Colley had an altercation recently. This followed, Borra’s request for a compliment from Mr. Savage, which never went down well with Savage. Savage protested that Borra has no moral authority to ask him to salute him. He claimed to be  Mr. Colley’s boss by virtue of his rank.

As the situation remains versatile, reports have it that both Colley and Savage risked being arrested soon. The two are being closely watched by the Kanilai monster.

Finally, in coming hours anything could happen in The Gambia. Our agents on the ground are closely monitoring the situation.  Stay tuned…..

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