Pa, as I have informed you in our private e-mail chats, I am a seasoned security personnel known as an “Old Conquer” who have touched the former Gendarmerie, the army, NIA and police. Let me not disclose my current service area so as to avoid innocent people being arrested in connection with this Intel.

Pa, H.E is totally confused and disoriented and he does not even know what strategy he is now playing. The major reason for his state of confusion is that he does not trust any security service and so he is receiving different conflicting Intel reports and advices from the NIA, his state guards, from Ousman Sonko and many more. Pa, H.E. is going totally mad.

Pa when it comes to Darboe and his UDP people, our initial assessment was that he indeed posed a major threat to H.E in the next elections. But the fear was really not of Darboe as an individual or the UDP as party but the possibility that all the other small opposition parties would rally behind him in a coalition. If that was to happen, then Oga would have been doomed in the elections.

So the plan was to look for all possible ways to sabotage, weakened and even to neutralize him and his party so as to scatter the entire opposition so that they would not form a coalition. April 14/16 provided us with the golden opportunity to kill all the birds with one stone.

Pa, just when we thought we had succeeded in sealing the election victory for Boss by arresting the UDP people, then all of a sudden this Mama Kandeh man came into the picture. Pa take it from me, Kandeh and the GDC has absolutely no connection with Boss or the APRC. In fact, we got our initial assessment of him 101% wrong by advising Boss that the man will not pose a threat and that he will not have many supporters. Pa, this was a serious error on our intelligence assessment and all of a sudden, H.E is now faced with a far bigger threat than the UDP and all the other opposition parties put together. Boss was going to drop the charges against the UDP especially when Obasanjo came over but because of the new threat posed by Kandeh, he developed a new crazy idea to use Darboe and his executive for some political maneuvering against Kandeh. Pa, we need to pray for our country because we have a president with a sick mindset.  

Pa, Bilaahi, Walaahi, Talaahi, Nalaahi, Zalaahi, Oga is so scared of this elections so much so that the man has stopped sleeping. Marabouts are coming in and out of state house and advising him to make all kinds of satanic sacrifices and charities. So I get really surprised and shake my head whenever I read or listen to some of you people over there saying that elections will not remove this man.

Pa, the man can easily lose the elections and he knows it because this is how it works. The ballot boxes are always brought to the polling stations empty and opened. After they are inspected by all the party representatives, the boxes are sealed in everybody’s presence and then placed inside the voting booths. As soon as the voting is finish, they are taken out, opened in the presence of everyone and counted right there on the ground. So Pa the truth is if people did not vote for H.E, he will lose the elections.

And Pa, the only little chance H.E. stands in winning this elections is if many candidates compete against him. In that way, he may manage to escape with a simple majority. Pa if only one man runs against Jammeh, Pa then Oga is finish. Pa it is this fear of the opposition uniting and not fear of the UDP that is why OGA is causing all these confusions. He believed that by arresting the UDP members and wasting their time with court hearings and detentions, everybody will be focused on demanding for their release instead of to talk about coalition formation. And Pa he has succeeded in achieving that.

But what we have not foreseen or expected is that Mama Kandeh could come with such a big tsunami as you put it in your newspaper. Pa, the dynamics have totally changed on the ground and now Oga is not worried about a coalition anymore. He is worried about Mama Kandeh. Pa, take this from me, Bilaahi, Walaahi, Talaahi, Nalaahi, Zalaahi, Mama Kandeh alone can defeat Boss.

Pa as I said earlier on, H.E. was going to release Darboe and his people but some stupid ideas came to his crazy heads when he saw the big turnout of people following Kandeh who are not only APRC former people but UDP supporters as well. H.E knows, you know, I know and we all know that there will be no coalition but even without a coalition Pa, Kandeh has a good chance of winning this elections. So the only reason why H.E sent the UDP people to jail is because he has developed this funny idea in his head that he can use Darboe and his executive as a buffer zone to reduce the expanding population of Kandeh’s followers.

Pa, this is how he plans to do it. The UDP party are seriously determined not to put forward any candidate in the elections but if that happens Oga believes that every single UDP voter will automatically vote for the person who is most like to win against Jammeh (and this person is none other than Kandeh) so that their leaders will come out of jail in a new government. Pa, this is now H.E’s latest fear and he plans to make a deal with the UDP leadership on three points.

  1. That the UDP would not to boycott the elections
  2. That the UDP would not to agree on a coalition with the other parties especially with the GDC and
  3. That the UDP executive would not to actively participate in the campaign for their new candidate.

Pa, if Darboe and his executive agrees to these conditions and the party announces a new candidate, then they will be out of jail even before the elections. But Pa, Darboe and his people are really honourable, brave and determined and so I seriously don’t think they will ever accept such stupid conditions. Therefore, we all believe here that Mama Kandeh will win this elections and we have no doubt about that. Pa, the only thing we do not know is Boss’s reaction when he is defeated because this man is so wicked and unpredictable that Walaahi, only God knows what will happen after the elections.

But Pa, if he refuses to accept defeat and does not agree to step down, Pa, I feel sorry for the Gambia and Gambians. There will be more bloodshed here than Libya. Pa Boss has declared genocide against my tribe so he has loose all respect and loyalty from many of us. It is going to be sabotage from now to his final destruction and believe me Pa it is going to be nasty. He will never find it easy with some of us ever again.

Excuse my book short English but there is full of experience. I will send you more information as promised. Bye, bye and God bless us all.

Written By A Security Insider

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