Dear Mr. M’bai, how are you doing today? Sorry for my late reply. I have been so busy with ongoing evens right from the 22nd July to date, I just wanted to give an update regarding the reports I informed you about. They are kind of heavy and my internet speed is very slow.  I only attempt it when I’m at home, I am trying to upload everything from my machines to my Dropbox account. 

Gambians are fed-up from the Dictatorship and I would like to bring your attention to all the top Government officials; those high positions; starting from people like us, as it is right now, you can be detained for accusations which are not your fault.

Hon. Sherriff Bojang and Momodou Sabally the Director of GRTS and The Daily Observer, are in the line of being arrested, they have been blacklisted for weeks now.  I believe the president makes sacrifices from his own loyal members, in order  to scare innocent Gambians. I am not sure for what reason but I bet you would definitely hear about this incoming arrests real soon. 

Once again, thanks for your time. I will update you again with whatever information that passes through my desk, especially those reports, it’s something you have to look at it, to sensitize people through your powerful media.

Written By An Insider

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