Gambia: Breaking News: GDC’S Honeymoon Is Over; As Police Detained Tina Faal!


The GDC honeymoon is over! The Kanilai monster has started cracking down on The Gambia Democratic Congress Party (GDP) leadership. Ms. Tina Faal, the EX- wife of Gambia’s former Justice Minister Edward Gomez is under police custody.

Tina, was picked up today for questioning. She is currently helping the Banjul police with their investigations. The circumstances surrounding her arrest is unknown.  Sources intimated that her arrest might have to do with her recent open support for the GDC leader Mama Kandeh.

Tina Faal, is detained at the police headquarters. Her cellular phone is off at this hour. Attempts made by the Freedom Newspaper to reach her for comment proved abortive.

Ms. Tina Faal, used to be one of dictator Yahya Jammeh’s closest surrogates. She recently announced her opposition to the regime, she onetime adored and embraced. She is one of the first GDC supporters to be arrested since the euphoric launching of the party.

In another development, sources said MC Cham, the National Youth Mobilizer of the GDC is under NIA surveillance. Mr. Cham too risked being pick up in coming days, according to sources. Mr. Cham is being closely monitored by the state. He is the main man behind the GDC crowds, sources said.

The GDC leader Mama Kandeh could not be reached for comment at press time. But a GDC supporter, who spoke to us confirmed the story. “She is under arrest. I can confirm the story to you. Her arrest got to do with her recent defection to the GDC. She spoke once during the tour. She pledged her support and allegiance to Mama Kandeh.  Do not be surprised if the state resorts to filing bogus charges against her. The State might also crackdown on other Executive Members. If they want let them kill us. Arrest will not intimidate us, We are ready for anything,” remarked the GDC supporter.

” This goes to show that the APRC is unpopular. The GDC is driving them crazy. Our presence on the political terrain scared them to death. We are determined to liberate this country come December. Yahya Jammeh is history,” the GDC supporter said.

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