High Court Judge Justice Eunice Dada Oshim has dismissed an application to compel The Gambian government to produce the body of the murdered UDP official Ebrima Solo Sandeng saying that her court will not issue such an order. “The court cannot make an order for the dead body of Solo to be produced. I therefore hold that the application is incompetent and hereby dismissed,” she ruled. All hopes have been dashed away for Solo Sandeng to be availed with a decent burial by his family and colleagues at the UDP.

Reading the content of a “death certificate” adduced in court by the defense, Justice Dada contends that the death certificate reveals that Solo died as a result of shock and respiratory failure. The judge added that the defense also requested that a committee to be established to investigate the cause of death.

In conclusion, Justice Dada said her court cannot rule beyond the evidence so far adduced by the state. Hence, she refused to compel the state to produce the body of Solo Sandeng. The defense’s application was subsequently dismissed.

In the meantime, fifteen UDP supporters are standing trial before the high court on charges of convening an illegal procession. Their fate is yet to be decided.

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