Gambia: Why Colonel Gano Left The Army?


Dear Pa, I have spent so many years in this security job and have heard and seen so many terrible things that I am hardly moved by anything anymore. But Pa, I cried like a child when I sat down and seriously thought of H.E’s remarks that he will kill my people like ants. Pa, you guys may under-estimate this man but we who knows him since the Gendarmerie days have no doubt that Boss is fully capable of doing that. This man is very evil.

Colonel GanoAnd Pa, even you if you seriously think about it, you will agree with me that in order for H.E to do genocide against the Mandinka, he will first have to kill all the Mandinka soldiers and paras because he knows that we will not stand by and watch while he butcher our families. And who will he try to use to kill us if not our Jola colleagues? Pa, I am a Mandinka, but God is my witness that my Jola colleagues in the service are the most honest, reliable, contented, hardworking and friendliest people you will ever find anywhere. For me personally, all my best friends are Jolas and I trust and like these people more than my own blood brothers. So for Boss to make such heartless and irresponsible remarks will only bring division, misunderstanding and hatred between us in the service.  

Now let me come to the story of Colonel Gano. Pa, most of us in the security forces here on the ground are very happy and supportive of what Gano is writing in your newspaper. It is as if he is speaking the minds of all service people which is not a wonder to us because he was PRO for a very long time. Gano is among the best officers to serve the army and by the time I finish you will see the reason why I say so.

Pa, the Englishman said that do not judge a book by its cover but that is exactly the mistake we did with Gano when he came to the NIA with a group of cadets for their screening process to join the army. Pa, in our forms there is a question about which political party do you support and while all the cadets wrote APRC, Gano had the “fit” to write PDOIS. We wanted to drop him immediately but when we look at this tall and skinny yellow man with his harmless and innocent looking face we could not scratch him from the list. We believed that he is just confused and disoriented because of the days they spent in the barracks and we were sure that the instructors at the training school would reorient him to the right frequency. We were dead wrong. There is a Mandinka proverb which say that no matter how long a piece of wood spend in the water, it will never become a crocodile. The army could not change his principles and good moral character but only made him stronger with education, discipline, fitness and calmness. 

GANO 1Now let me tell you the real reason why Gano prematurely resigned from the army job. Pa, do you remember in 2011/2012, when Boss did the biggest blondas in the history of the army by dismissing almost all the Generals and sending them to foreign embassies? These Generals were CDS Kinteh, General Bah, Lamin Bojang, Madanni Senghore, Serign Modou Njie, Alajie Martin and Saikou Seckan. Before that, it was General Drammeh, who was sent away. Pa, that was the biggest disaster and the worst thing that could ever happen to any army in the world by removing the pillars that hold the structure. It was total madness on the part of Oga that left many holes in GAF which is still unfilled.  

So when Col. Gano, came back from a Darfur peacekeeping mission in 2013, he was eye marked to fill one of those holes. He was to be promoted to Brig. Gen. in order to replace Gen. Bah as the Inspector General of GAF. This was why he was he first appointed as Acting I.G. GAF upon his return from Darfur, even though he was just a Lt. Col. But Pa, let me today tell you one secret about Boss. Before he gives anyone such a big promotion in the army, he will first test you to do some bad things for him to be sure that you are in his pockets and will commit anything for him afterwards. So the first test given to Gano, was that he was appointed as president of a kangaroo court-martial and given instructions to get rid of one innocent young lieutenant by the name of Serign Jallow, for no understandable reason. But when Gano went through the charge sheets and realized that they were unfounded, he refused to go ahead with the trial and wrote directly to Boss advising that the charges be dropped.

Salif editedA few weeks after that incident, another bogus court-martial was again set up to try the whole command team of the 2012 peacekeeping Darfur contingent who were charged for indiscipline conduct. Pa, the funny and crazy thing about this case was that the contingent commander himself (Lt. Col. Salifu Bojang) was the biggest culprit who committed the most serious offences in Darfur, but he was a special friend and boy, boy to Saul Badjie. So Saul went to lie to boss that Salifu was innocent and that it was his junior officers, who in subordinated against him. H.E. believed Saul and therefore instructed for Salifu to be released from Mile 2 and the rest to be court-martialed.

Having failed his first test, Gano was given a second chance and again appointed as the president of this new court-martial. Pa, Walaahi do not judge a book by its cover. When you look at Gano, you think that he is weak but this man is extremely brave and stubborn. He refused to go ahead with the trial and insisted that if Commander Salifu Bojang is not tried, then the rest of his command team must also not be tried.

GAINO 6Gano was however told that it was an Executive Order and so he must carry on with the court-martial. Pa, that was when Gano earn the total respect of all of us by doing the honourable thing which was to tender his resignation. No one ever though that a senior officer at that level could so easily give up the chance of becoming a General, because the dream of every senior military officer is to be at the top. He left behind him a lot of respect and admiration in the army. And God being so good, Allah rewarded him with a job abroad a few months after he resign. Bilahi Walahi Talahi had Gano not left the country soon enough, it would only be a matter of short time before he was victimized because he was already classified as a threat to national security. Another good outcome of his resignation was that it also turned out to be a blessing for other senior officers who were wrongfully dismissed and have been begging H.E to reinstate them. Officers such as Musa Savage, Kawsu Sanyang and Sillah Kujabi were quickly returned to the military following Gano’s resignation.

Pa, my reason for revealing this secret story about Gano is not to sing his praise but rather to commend and encourage him in the good work he is doing and to appeal to him to please stop his diplomatic language and stop beating about the bush. Gano has served at the headquarters under every CDS since Babucarr Jatta and there is no secret that he is not aware of. He should come out now and really start to spill the black pepper because the Gambian situation has gone from a struggle to a war. Please, please Pa, beg him to do more.

The only analysis that Gano got very wrong was the one he wrote that H.E cannot rig the elections. Pa there is one important and big area in which H.E is relying on to rig the elections but thank God that we know about it and we will expose him and prevent that from happening. In fact that will be the next Intel I will send to you as soon as possible. I will tell you the reason why Boss keeps on saying that JINNOS will vote for him. Pa, he has no JINNOS, but hundreds of thousands of Cassamance people with Gambian voters cards.

Pa, let me stop here for now but I will continue to supply you with more state secrets from the NIA.

Written By An Insider

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