The detained Gambian Democratic Congress Party (GDC) supporter Tina Faal, has been released from police custody, the Freedom Newspaper can reveal. Ms. Tina Faal, who was held for few hours, was asked to go home by the police. No charges have been filed against her yet. She was subjected to grilling interrogations while at the police headquarters in Banjul.

Ms. Tina, is the Ex-wife of Gambia’s former Justice Minister Edward Gomez. She later remarried to Babanding Sissokoho, a Malian millionaire, and also a onetime investor in this country. Babanding was the owner of Air Dabia. He was implicated in a Dubai multimillion dollars bank fraud. Babanding later returned to his native country Mali, leaving his businesses behind.

According to police sources, Tina Faal, was questioned about Babanding assets among other things. The dictator is trying to nail her by revisiting Babanding’s bankruptcy case.

The Freedom Newspaper contacted Ms. Tina Faal, shortly after she was released from police custody for comment, but she told us to call her later. She couldn’t comment on the circumstances surrounding her arrest and subsequent release.  

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