President of National Council of Transition in Gambia ( CNTG) Sidya BAYO has decided to go beyond the indignation, by setting up a Collective of support for the victims of the repression of Yahya Jammeh.

According to Mister BAYO, this collective action will have a double mission: bring a legal and judicial support to the victims on one hand and on the other hand find them a material and psychological support.

The President of the CNTG besides indicated that he has already appointed a pool of international lawyers which will be headed by Me Abdoulaye TINE of the Bar of Paris to introduce  all the actions necessary for the defense of the interests of the Gambian victims in front of the international jurisdictions.

He said in this connection that in the next days, complaints to question the personal liability of numerous victimes of the regime of Banjul are going to be filed in Dakar, in Paris, in London, in the United States.

It seems that the Gambian opposition decided this time to bring a judicial process  to the numerous violations of human rights in Gambia, violations which have gone for more than 22 years.

Finally, Sidya BAYO says himself is determined to fight so that justice is returned to all his compatriots in the opposition who were killed, tortured or murdered by the security forces in the Gambia.


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