Pa, This is The Soldier again. Permission to write SIR. Fellow Gambians, according to one of the top DCC reliable agent, the long time and former chief pimp NDEY JAMMEH has disappeared. Yes, Gambians, the former chief pimp who knows deep secrets of monster Jammeh has disappeared. Confirmed sources are reporting that she absconded and DCC can also remind Gambians that if NDEY JAMMEH does not surface somewhere very soon then there is a chance that she has been kidnapped by dictator Jamme’s junglers.

JAMMEH IS SICKAccording to reliable sources, Ndey Jammeh, had a bitter quarrel with the current chief pimp Jimbeh Jammeh and Gambians they are from the same mother and father and they have both served dictator Jammeh in bed and in pimping. This is dictator Jammeh at his best compounded with greedy sisters.

During the quarrel Jimbeh told Ndey that she will call NIA for Ndey and she will spend the night at NIA or MILE-2.The rogue NIA and corrupt DG Yankuba Badjie is very close with Jimbeh, when Ndey was dismissed Yankuba hurriedly detained Ndey at NIA before releasing her. As we speak her family and friends are very concerned. This is a woman who knows a lot about monster Jammeh’s womanizing, prostitution and cheating secrets. Anyone who is close to Jimbeh Jammeh should be careful, she is a pimp and master spy. This is a person who is selling her own sister for money, fame and power. Jimbeh overthrew her own sister for the position of chief pimp, this is very sad and she is proud of it. But she is also a master spy, that DCC can confirm.

Fellow Gambians, DCC is also working at another developing story. DCC NIA and state house agents are finishing the report and will send it to our boss soon. But there is another emerging person who is in America and it is one Mama Badjie who is dating high government officials and also collects information and report to dictator Jammeh. She is related to dictator Jammeh and DCC agents have seen her multiple times talk to monster Jammeh before she travel to America. DCC will send a full report on this new person and Gambians will be shocked.

TINA FAALFellow Gambians, as reported by this paper Tina Faal was shortly detained at the police and was granted bail by the police at Banjul. DCC is privy to a lot of information, and she will be rearrested again. Fellow Gambians, difficult days are coming especially for people who used to support and work for dictator Jammeh. There is a black list that has been submitted from state house to the NIA and police. Anyone who used to work or supports monster Jammeh cannot support the political party of MAMA KANDEH, this is according to dictator Jammeh. So Tina Faal is just the beginning, a lot of people are going to be arrested including security officers.

DCC has been reporting about this for a long time and we can assure you that IMAMS, ALKALOS, WATCHMEN, CIVIL SERVANTS, SPORT PEOPLE, ETC, ETC will be arrested soon and it will be massive. Anyone who monster Jammeh has forgiven or for a better word parole and supporting MAMA KANDEH will be re-arrested. There is a special task team assigned to re-open closed cases, old cases and investigate a lot of people.

As we speak, MAMA KANDEH, is being investigated, NIA is digging into his days when he was a APRC member. Again a lot of people are being investigated. Tina Faal did not do anything wrong, the only thing she did is defect to MAMA KANDEH political party. She is being accused of mishandling airplane parts.

As you recall she was married to BABANDING SISSOKOHO who used to owned a plane. Tina donated the plane to GCAA and some of the  parts are missing and she is accused of mishandling the plane. Monster Jammeh has a lot of traps for people who used to work for or with him and is going to unleash it to anyone who is supporting MAMA KANDEH. All former APRC militants will face hard days, just watch and see. A lot of them will be invited to NIA and police around the county. It is all intimidation game, put fear into people. Even current APRC YAI COMINPS, youth mobilizers will be invited to NIA if they cannot bring a lot of people to APRC meeting.

Monster Jammeh has also warned IGP Sonko that MAMA KANDEH should be denied meeting permit. IGP Sonko almost got dismissed for allowing MAMA KANDEH to have meetings. There will be no more familiarization permits granted to MAMA KANDEH, he should avoid night meetings. If your family member used to be a top APRC supporter and is no more with APRC, please warn them. DCC has already warned a majority of the people on the list. Monster Jammeh it is too late, we know all your plans. Do you want to deny that this list exist and old case files will be reopen and many people will be dragged to court, TIME WILL TELL. Do you want to deny that anyone you have pardon will be re-investigated?

On a last note, Gambians, as monster Jammeh arrest people and grant them bail some will abscond to Senegal, please remember some of them are agents for monster Jammeh, DO NOT TRUST ANYONE.

Written By The Soldier

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