Gambia’s deranged and delusional dictator Yahya Jammeh has declared that henceforth the Holly Koran, is going to rule The Gambia and not the present constitution. “I am not afraid to pronounce myself as a Muslim; in anywhere; in any part of the world; in front of any person; I am only afraid of the Almighty Allah. And the Islamic Republic of The Gambia, is going to be truly an Islamic country. The Constitution shall be the Koran. The Constitution shall be the Koran because that’s what we are going to be judged. All our actions in contravention for what Allah has prescribed for us; we would be doomed to fail and tomorrow (hereafter) we will pay a high price,” Jammeh said in the presence of foreign Arab guests including the radical Indian preacher Dr. Zakair Naik.

JK ADDRESSES GAMBIANSThe Gambian autocratic despot had organized an Islamic recitation competition as part of his ongoing efforts to transform The Gambia an Islamic State. Several thousands of dollars were given to the winners of the Islamic recitation competitors.

“When I declared the Islamic State; some people were asking me, what is wrong with me. I said why? What’s wrong with me what? Today, we have the Islamic State; the ISIL; everybody is condemning that and you called your country an Islamic State.. I said so what?  We are an Islamic State based on the Holly Koran. One of the reasons I invited him is for people to be clear what Islamic is all about; the most noble religion; that will last whether people like it or not.  And I will not compromise my religion because Islam is the religion of Allah. It will prevail no matter how powerful you think you are,” Jammeh remarked.


Responding to Jammeh’s delusional claim that The Gambia would be ruled by the Holly Koran, the leader of the newly formed political party Mama Kandeh said: “ That’s a joke. Jammeh’s statement makes no sense. How can the Holly Koran rule The Gambia? That will never happen. This is a secular nation, in which Muslims and Christians have been living side by side in peace and harmony. Jammeh cannot just wake up one morning said the Koran will rule The Gambia. That’s absurd and totally ridiculous.”

Mr. Mama Kandeh, who used to be an elected National Assembly Member of the ruling APRC party, said Jammeh’s statements lacks coherence.

“Dr. Zakir Naik came from India. The Koran doesn’t rule India. How can Jammeh make such a misleading statement and expects us to believe him. The entire Islamic State propaganda is all nonsense. It is a distraction from the main core issues that concern us as Gambians. In my view, it is wrong for this regime to be using letterheads bearing the title “The Islamic State Of The Gambia.” There is no legislation passed declaring The Gambia as an Islamic State. That’s my point. The Gambia cannot be an Islamic State, in view of the reasons I articulated above,” Mama Kandeh remarked.

Meanwhile, Jammeh said one of the reasons why he invited Dr. Zakir Naik, was to educate Gambians about the Holly Koran. Jammeh maintained that The Gambia will remain as an Islamic State no matter what.

For his part Dr. Zakir Naik said: “But I would like to confess to you; that there are very few who have the passion; the courage like the President of the Islamic Republic of The Gambia.”  

Dr. Zakir Naik has been banned from entering into the United Kingdom. He has been accused of inciting terrorism. Naik has maintained that he is not sympathetic to terrorism organizations such as ISIS. Naik is dictator Yahya Jammeh’s spiritual Godfather.

Written By Pa Nderry M’Bai

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