Dear Editor, recent events at the University of the Gambia have motivated me to put pen on paper. Dr Omar Jah is at it again. What is the drama this time around? Dr Jah is angry that the University Council had taken the bull by the horn to dethrone him of the finance portfolio of the University, which was illegally given to him by his cousin brother, professor Mahammadou Kah. It has ever been my contention that DVC Admin and Finance was never part of the legal instruments of the University, but then Kah been what he was, single-handedly favored his relative with the position to allow him to illegally exploit the institution, which he actually did to the maximum. Upon removal of Kah from office, Council decided to rectify this serious administrative lapse by reassigning the finance function to the Director of Finance as indicated by law. This has make Jah, the occupant, very bitter. As a result he is now on collusion with UTG senior staff. The aborted petitioning of the Director of Finance is a case to cite. Jah, through his bootlicker, Morro Krubally engineered the whole show. Thanks God Council has the will and foresight to dismiss the petition. This bitterness has transformed Jah into a real devil.

Coming back to the issue at hand, Dr Jah as latest as last Firday, 29th July 2016, allegedly verbally and physically assaulted and abused the Finance Director of UTG, one Mr Kojo during a meeting the UTG Management held same day. Narratives have it that Kojo was making a point on one of the agenda items and this didn’t go down well with this moron called a Dr. In a moment of madness and ulterior motive, Jah jumped out of his seat to move towards where Kojo was sited. Shouting on top of his voice, Jah began to move towards Kojo threatened him “ I will kill you, I will kill you.”

Jah was eventually put under control by other members including the Vice Chancellor and almost all the senior members of Admin staff.

It is high time for the people that matters to realize that Jah, since the removal of Kah as Vice chancellor, is on a serious mission of destroying UTG. Jah at the moment is very bitter. He has created a faction which is now anti-administration. This is a man who has forgotten that during his time as Deputy Vice under Kah he was always favoring his kith and kin at the expense of hardworking UTG staff. He and his wife were deciding the fate of UTG staff as far as renewal of contracts were concerned. As a result, lot of hardworking members of staff were dismissed just because they had different opinions with the then administration.

This latest madness of Jah is indicative of the man’s true color. It goes to show that the man is power hungry, unnecessary angry, and greedy, and as long as he is not in control of the finances of UTG, he will always be a saboteur to the institution.

The current VC Khalil should be very mindful of sneaky Jah. If Jah can go to any length to openly oppose the DVC Academy portfolio of Dr Ousman Nyang, his administrative mentor at UTG, then he is capable of undermining the VC.

Khalil, don’t say that you have not been warned!

I rest my case.

By A concerned senior UTG student

Editor’s note: The views of the author do not necessarily represent the position of the Freedom Newspaper. Thanks for your attention.

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