To the staunchest rights activist, slavery and dictatorship are the opposite of freedom and liberty. While the slavish nature of Jammeh’s dictatorship continues to deny our people the right to liberty, personal security, freedom from assembly and participation in the political process; the perpetrators of the slave trade separated millions of captive slaves from their kith and kin and forcefully shipped them to the ‘new world’ through a long and arduous journey across the Atlantic ocean. Some were transported to Europe while many went to the plantation fields of the Caribbean including Cuba, Brazil, Haiti and even Southern Africa

Historically, the slave trade was dominated by African middlemen who raided settlements as far away as the river Congo forming a sticky web of slave-trails which bound family to family, village to village and brought those young and healthy enough to the coast to be sold into slavery. Trading ships from Europe with cargo full of manufactured goods traded for the captured slaves supplied by African traders.

Today, two hundred years after slavery was abolished, there are no foreign oppressors in Africa. One of the biggest achievements made by Africans since the abolition of the slave trade is the successful struggles and victories for independence over the powerful institutions of colonialism. However, with so much power now vested in one person without any judicial or legislative constraint whatsoever, Gambia has now joined the list of countries in Africa with the worst form of dictatorship.

The Gambian political situation will continue to worsen as Yaya Jammeh now wants to rule the country without any form of opposition while still insisting on introducing Islamic Shari’a law to fulfill his permanent contract with the Almighty to rule Gambia forever, even where there are significant number of Christians and non-Muslims in the country.

Those who should be compensated are the thousands of Gambians and opposition party members who have been tortured, maimed, murdered and imprisoned under the brutal regime of Jammeh.

That is why many Gambians are fleeing the country swelling the numbers of migrants in America and the European capitals looking for political asylum. Will the government of Yaya Jammeh pay compensation to the Europeans for giving asylum to Gambians running away from his slavish dictatorial rule?

Treating people as sacrificial animals and ruling with brutal force remind us of the iniquitous practice of modern day slavery.

By: An Insider

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