As Gambians, many of us like to close our eyes and walk throughout our pains but proliferation of character assassination conspiracy fueled by APRC regime, by systematically spreading absurdities or creating scandals out of thin air, has reach a new low which only few can bear. It is common knowledge that the few Gambians whom have survive such vicious character attacks Yaya Jammeh and his regime are often left scarred for life —and, in some cases, died of heartache from embarrassment. People whom have dealt with Yaya Jammeh at close range, have all alluded to him constantly putting a cloud of dust around people’s mind about their fellow countrymen.  He makes such a straight face by parsing his words carefully and sounding like he is telling the truth when in fact he peddling a conspiracy. 

Yaya Jammeh is loyal to nothing about Gambia but his own ambition of enriching himself and staying on power by any means necessary. He takes charge of assuring his enjoyment of power for over 22 years by successfully resorting to character assassinations, tormenting the most brilliant minds, discrediting many Gambian journalists with integrity by turns, ferociously tarnishing the reputation of people by kneading them as he pleases and finally confusing the unsuspecting Gambians with easily digestible vulgar buzz phrases before people can painstaking tell their stories.  Gambians now are well connected on social media to fact check every statement from Yaya Jammeh and his regime. Why Gambians are still discussing about elections dilemma, whether going along with the dictator whiles balancing their compassion and grievances for unfairly jailed UDP executives, unhinged Yaya Jammeh continues to endanger everyone with his recklessness at all affronts. 

Perhaps the most blatant examples besides the killings, torture and humiliation of Gambians by —tearing down their hopes of democracy, their dreams of freedom, ripping apart marriages and families, the regime uses verbal attacks with wild accusations, rumors and innuendo against their rivals—all in hopes of maintaining power through fear mongering by virtually any means necessary. The regime sometimes uses the realm of character assassination knowing full well that, most Gambians are paranoid or thin-skinned to handle such embarrassments.  Character assassination reared its ugly head high up after being kissed, embraced by Yaya Jammeh and some bloodthirsty Gambians who love taking potshots in grand scale. Along the way, ordinary Gambians citizens are not even speared by Yaya Jammeh who now dishes avalanches of verbal assaults, or releasing confidential letters and misinformation through speeches or his mouth piece- Daily Observer newspaper and State GRTS TV services. 

When UDP executives began to push for release of Solo sandeng dead body, the highly suppressive regime and Nigerian mercenary judges tried to play down the scale this request by slinging mud at the character and reputations of those noble Gambians with absurdities. The regime unwarranted moves are to distract Gambians from Yaya Jammeh’s record of falsehoods against innocent Gambians and whose quest of ruling Gambia revolves around targeting opponents with anger-filled messages, flirts with bad elements of the world, ridicules and slanders those who disagree with him. The same constitution which lay great stress on protecting the citizens is being ignored by Yaya Jammeh whom is relentless, give no ground to Gambians in terms of their will, and seize every opportunity to terrorize us, not hesitating to use character assassination, provocations and similar methods.

By Habib ( A Concerned Gambian)

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