Dear editor, reading the recent submission of the writer who reported on the shameful behavior of Dr Omar Jah towards the finance director at the University of the Gambia, I saw it necessary to do my own independent investigation, and my findings corroborated, and were even more detailed than the writer’s submission. I learnt that during that fateful day, Jah’s shameless and brutal behavior was in the presence of the Ag Vice Chancellor, Dr Ousman Nyang, Momodou Taro, Jenung Manneh, Fracis Sarr and others I can’t remember. 

I, as a concerned student of UTG, therefore call upon Jah to honorably resign, and failing to do that, the University must fire the man. I call upon all students of the institution to not relent until Jah is removed from his post. Universities are role models in societies in which they operate.  Such institutions should not therefore be occupied by people who are brutish, greedy and hypocritical in nature.

Sources revealed that this Jah of all people is even collecting hefty allowance ( almost 400 euros) from the WASCAL project when in effect he has no portfolio in that project. The same goes for the so called Internal Auditor who has no qualification whatsoever. I learnt that her qualification is high school certificate at best. If these are the kind of people handling the affairs of this higher institution like a university, then woe be thy UTG. No wonder UTG is in shambles.

These and their ilk should be booted out so that sanity can prevail at UTG.

 By A Concerned UTG student

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