Unknown arsonists over the weekend burnt down the Total Gas Station near the Independence Stadium in Bakau, after setting ablaze the fuel depot in Abuko, hence causing total panic and pandemonium within the Greater Banjul Area, the Freedom Newspaper can reveal. The attacks occurred on Friday, and the perpetrators are still at large.


Dictator Yahya Jammeh is said to be associated with the Total Gas Stations. The Bakau outlet was completely destroyed.

Eyewitnesses said the attackers were dressed in red, red and were on board a red Benz C Class. They were two in number. The attackers poured gas on the gas station pump and set it on fire. Similar damage to property was done in Abuko. The gas depot was torched, including a truck filled with gas.

There is reason advanced for the motive of the arson attacks. Sources said the attackers targeted dictator Yahya Jammeh’s business outlets. No arrest has been made so far since the coordinated attacks, which left the residents of Bakau, and Abuko in complete panic mood.

Personnel of the Fire And Ambulance Services responded to help put off the flames. There was significant damage to property.

Meanwhile, the National Intelligence Agency has interviewed pump attendants assigned to the affected sites. The NIA also recommended to Yahya Jammeh to have the personnel of the Police Intervention Unit PIU to guard business outlets across the country, pending the apprehension of the attackers. The PIU has since deployed its personnel to guard Jammeh’s properties including other high target government instillations.

A top security analyst said the arson attacks could be viewed as another form of domestic terrorism reaching the shores of the so called Islamic State of The Gambia. The analyst said such attacks is a recipe for national security crisis and could degenerate into full blown rebel warfare.

“Such attacks could agitate the disenchanted population to rebel against the regime. It could also lead to copycat attacks. This is a major national security challenges confronting the Jammeh regime,” the analyst noted.

The Gambian government is yet to issue a statement in regards to the ongoing sabotage aimed at setting Jammeh’s properties on fire. A senior security chief has confirmed the incident. The security chief said there has been heighten security standby across the nation since Friday’s arson attacks.

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