Dear editor, I am also a student at UTG, in fact a law student for that matter. I must confess that I am deeply concerned, dumbfounded and saddened by the news about Dr. Omar Jah. I cannot imagine an Islamic scholar of Jah standing to threaten to kill an innocent man. However I am surprised by this behavior of Jah mainly because of what I was a witness to what he did to our own Dean at the Law Faculty.

 Jah seems to be preaching what he is not practicing. This is hypocritical in Islam. Neither threatening people with death is part of The Gambian culture. What Jah did must not be allowed to continue at UTG. He must be set as an example to all those who would be offenders of this nature. Taking a human soul is not a joke. It is far worse than stealing. I heard that one Mr Danso was recently fired at UTG for stealing office property. Jah’s case is far worse than that and so UTG or Government must act.

This whole saga has reminded me of what Jah did to the ag. Dean of the Law faculty not long ago. I and many other law students were living witnesses to this incidence. Jah criminally broke into and changed the lock to the office of the Dean and then asked some staff members to move out all the belongings of the Dean who was then away on an official mission abroad. All these just because Jah claimed that he was appointed as the ag. Dean of the Faculty, whilst at the same time serving as the substantive Deputy to the Vice Chancellor. Could Jah not have waited for the man to come back? Jah really seems to be power hungry, and in the process he is messing up UTG.

Going by his recent behavior towards UTG, Jah seems be a nuisance to the institution. I therefore agree that Jah must go.

 Another concerned UTG student

Editor’s Disclaimer: The views expressed in this write up by the author do not necessarily represent the position of the Freedom Newspaper. Thanks for your attention.

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