This past weekend was marred by massive arrest of top government officials in The Gambia, the Freedom Newspaper can reveal. The deranged and confused Gambian dictator Yahya Jammeh is apparently blaming his workers for the nation’s economic crisis. There is massive cash shortage in the country. Government workers have not been paid their July salary, while the collapsed health sector continues to fall apart.

IGP SONKO NEWIt was on Saturday morning, while the public officials were hanging out with their families, when dictator Jammeh issued an order for the arrest of Heads of the respective prastatals in the country. The security forces wasted no time in executing Jammeh’s orders. Some of the detainees were held at the Kairaba police station. They were quizzed over the PAC/PEC report deliberated by the rubber stamp National Assembly. The report was handed to Jammeh for corrective action to be taken.  

Sources familiar with the story said some of the detained officials were being held in connection with purported loans they took from their respective Departments. The broke ass Kanilai monster is virtually going after everyone in his government. He is blaming workers for his economic miseries.

In an attempt to appease the disenchanted Gambian populace, Jammeh is busy hunting for scapegoats. Almost every week, Jammeh would parade his workers before the courts on frivolous charges. Jammeh thinks that by taking workers to court, he should be able to distract Gambians from the pressing economic and political issues affecting their lives.

A senior security chief told the Freedom Newspaper that Jammeh has started sidelining the NIA from his bogus cooked up cases. Jammeh used to assign the NIA to handle all matters relating to the investigations of public officials, but in the recent times, he has asked the police to investigate officials on his radar.

“Jammeh is confused. He is likely to go after the NIA Chief, including other members of the security forces, when he is done with the public officials. Despite being an electioneering year, Jammeh is confident of winning the polls. His biggest headache right now is the collapsed economy. In the absence of money, he cannot maintain the government. That’s why he is crazily going after everyone here. Next, on Jammeh’s radar is the members of the security forces. Pretty soon Jammeh will strike on them,” said an insider.

“The Inspector General of police needs to be very careful. He is dealing with a predator and a bully. Jammeh is using him against his own countrymen. Since the NIA is a Jolla dominated spy agency, Jammeh wants to discredit the Mandingkas before he will finally assault them before the elections. He will ensure that the Mandingkas in the position of authority in his government would aid him persecuting Gambians. The IGP should be concerned about Jammeh’s sudden move of bypassing the NIA, in his bogus prosecution of innocent Gambians. It is a calculated move to soil the reputation of Yankuba Sonko and the intelligent Mandingkas in the force. The NIA has been Jammeh’s outlet to execute all kinds of nefarious activities. Why the police all of a sudden? Your guess is good as mine. He started with Tina Faal, and now he is arresting MDS of parastatals. Something is not right here. The IGP got to be very careful,” Our source added.

Finance Ministry insiders said Yahya Jammeh is the main culprit responsible for Gambia’s economic collapse. The insiders cited Jammeh’s sheer greed and corrupt practices, as one of the reasons responsible for the economic downturn.

According to insiders, Jammeh has been consistently stealing from the Treasury, The Gambia Revenue Authority (GRA), GAMTEL, the Central Bank, the Ports, and the Social Security.

“This country will never recover from the current economic crisis. Yahya Jammeh has no economic discipline. Yahya Jammeh thinks that he owns the economy of this country. Jammeh steals money from almost all the institutions. The IMF should intervene otherwise Jammeh is going to render the Central Bank bankrupt. As we speak, there is no cash in this country. Jammeh is milking all the institutions. He might end up arresting everyone, but that will not change the country’s economic indicators. We have been screwed up economically. Only regime can help fix the current mess,” said an insider at the Finance Ministry.

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