Dear editor, the writer of the recent article on the UTG saga has indicated that the previous writers on the topic were not giving factual reporting. However, what is apparent from his own write up was that he also seems not to be giving the readers all the facts surrounding this case. What we the readers want to know is whether or not Jah threatened to kill Kojo as insinuated by these writers. Sure that would be a gross misconduct on the side of Jah. It is indeed a serious matter and should not be easily sweep under the carpet. This is the first point.

The second point is that the write accused Kojo of incompetency. The big question is who in the first place appointed Kojo to the post knowing that he has no Accounting knowledge as alleged? Who gave him that lucrative salary as report? You can’t tell me it was Kojo himself who fixed it. Surely it was Kah and Jah who did so. Also, I vividly remember Jah vehemently justifying the appointment of Kojo at the court during the height of the Gumbo Touray case. The writer was trying to shift the blame of the failings of UTG for past years onto Kojo. Well history has it that the Finance department was under the direct supervision of Omar Jah as per the period in question. So the reporting of any failings during this period by the writer goes to demonstrate the incompetence of Jah as well. In fact he should be hold responsible since he was the overall boss of Finance then. Aha, as of the time of writing, there was massive arrest of civil servants in connection to the PAC/PEC reports. If the writer’s wish is to sacrifice Kojo to that effect, surely that is very unfair. Something is fishy here.

Well for that Morro Krubally of yours, you only need to hear what the staff under his unit always says about him behind his back. We students do chat with them a lot. He and Kojo were best of friends but because of their individual differences, he wrote a petition to boot out Kojo. Morro’s and a host of other UTG staffs’ houses are contracted to UTG. So conflict of interest my foot. But then the writer tried to portray Morro as an upright person just because he taught him ethics stuff. When did teaching ethics make a person ethical? The writer’s reasoning is illogical and goes to show that he still needs to go back to the classroom.

The writer demonstrated his lack of knowledge of the petition against Kojo when he sated it was never dismissed by Council. This is gross misrepresentation of facts. The petition was dismiss.

The writer also failed to say anything about the 400 Euros allowance allotted to Jah for apparently doing nothing in the WASCAL project. Is the allegation true or not? This is what the readership needs to know. This is a serious allegation that borders not on only economic crime but has a telling effect on the moral and ethical behavior of a man of Jah’s standing. The writer seems to be sidestepping issues like this. We need to know the truth.
Kojo has ever been a man of the students. We always invite to our functions and he always gives a moral support.

Since the write urged you to verify his facts I also urged you to do the same with regards to this narration. You will surely be amazed the level of hatred towards an innocent man. No wonder the writer alludes to the fact that Kojo is not of son of this land. He is being taken advantage of. He is being victimized because he is unwilling to do the bidding of Jah and co. I assure you that none of these anti Kojo opposed him based on principles. In fact they were his friends. The fight against him is personal; pure and simple.

Another concerned UTG student

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