Dear Pa, I have been following the UTG saga online and wonder how come Dr. Jah is sitting on scientific committees such as the WASCAL project. He is an Islamic scholar with zero background on scientific matters yet he represents UTG on this committee. It now makes sense from what one of your contributors to the UTG saga wrote that he is collecting huge allowances just for sitting in this committee. This is sad! There are so many more deserving UTG staff with advanced degrees in scientific disciplines relevant to the science of climate change who are denied this opportunity to supplement their meagre salaries while contributing meaningfully to the positive impact of this project and many others in The Gambia. The VC, UTG management and MOHERST should also be questioned!

Below is an excerpt from WASCAL website (

With climate change being one of the most severe challenges to rural Africa in the 21st century, West Africa is facing an urgent need to develop effective adaptation and mitigation measures.

WASCAL (West African Science Service Center on Climate Change and Adapted Land Use) is a large-scale research-focused Climate Service Center designed to help tackle this challenge and thereby enhance the resilience of human and environmental systems to climate change and increased variability. It does so by strengthening the research infrastructure and capacity in West Africa related to climate change and by pooling the expertise of ten West African countries and Germany.

Funded by the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF), WASCAL is implemented in a collaborative effort by West African and German partners.

Written By A UTG Staff

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