Gambia’s Information Minister Sheriff Bojang, has been accused of infidelity, as the Minister, is said to be sleeping with the Ex-Wife of Seedy Njie, one Mariama Korra, the Freedom Newspaper has gathered. The Brikama born native, cum “show boy” Information Minister, was caught red-handed dinning with Ms. Korra at Britania, around the vicinity of the Sene-Gambia Hotel. Mr. Bojang had a date with Seedy Njie’s former wife. Seedy Njie, is a nominated member of the National Assembly and also a staunch APRC member. 

Mariama KorraWhen information reached Seedy Njie, that his former buddy Sheriff Bojang, is having an extramarital life with his Ex-Darling, Mr. Njie became dumbfounded. Mr. Njie couldn’t believe what he was hearing in the streets of Banjul. He conducted his own investigations; only to find out that the mercenary journalist; turned political whore, was indeed kicking it with his Ex-Wife.

“The reason why Mariama Korra left Seedy, is because he caught him with another Lady on her bed at Wellingara… Now Seedy, is talking to everyone for her wife to come back. He talks to PA Malick Ceesay, Yankuba Colley, Binta Sidebeh Jammeh and Sheriff Bojang. When Sheriff heard the story, he decided to capitalize on her by taking the girl out for dinner,” said our source.

Disappointed by Minister Sheriff Bojang’s unethical conduct, Seedy Njie filed a complaint with the Director of the National Intelligence Agency, Yankuba Badjie. Njie and Yanks are close buddies. Mr. Njie told Mr. Badjie that one of the Cabinet Ministers in the person of Sheriff Bojang, is sleeping with his Ex-Wife.

According to sources, the NIA Chief Badjie told Mr. Njie that it was not only morally wrong for Sheriff to have sex with his former wife, but ethically inappropriate. Mr. Badjie then promised to look into the matter. He informed his boss General Saul Badjie, who ran into laughter upon hearing the story.

“General Badjie came to his office while laughing. Someone asked him what he was laughing about and Badjie told him that he was informed by Yankuba Badjie that Seedy Njie is crying about Minister Sheriffo Bojang sleeping with his wife. That Seedy is beefing with Sheriff over a woman. Badjie said the last thing a man should do in The Gambia, is to fight over a woman. Badjie said there are women all over the place,” said our source.

Marima Korra works at the Quadrangle in Banjul. She works at an Account’s section, according to our source.

Both Minister Sheriff Bojang and Seedy Njie could not be reached for comment.

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