Gambia’s maroon dictator Yahya Jammeh has given orders to the army command particularly the State Guard to allow army personnel to dress in Muslim dress, as part of his quest to transform The Gambia, as an Islamic State. Jammeh’s Close Protection Guards, including Commanders at the State Guard and Kanilai now report to work on Fridays with an Islamic outfit. In essence, Jammeh has introduced Islamic dress code for The Gambian Army. 

As evident on this picture, General Musa Savage, has covered his head with an Islamic outfit. Savage is among the main propagators of Jammeh’s Islamic State in the army. He has been prevailing upon the personnel under his command to embrace Jammeh’s new dress code for the army.

The Gambia is a secular state. Dictator Yahya Jammeh has proclaimed The Gambia is an Islamic State, without any formal legislation. The religious secularity in the constitution can only be repealed through a referendum.

Meanwhile, Jammeh is indoctrinating the army to embrace his recent proclamation of The Gambia as an Islamic State. Sources said the dictator is trying to deceive the Arab world ahead of the OIC Islamic Conference due to be held in The Gambia.

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