The Thursday 11 August, 2016 issue of the Foroyaa newspaper featured both Halifa Sallah’s proposal to call for a primary to select the best candidate for the proposed alliance of the opposition parties and Hamat Bah’s NRP version for a coalition in the coming 2016 Presidential election. While Bah said his party is ready to support any alliance and will make the necessary sacrifice for its realization, Halifa still harbors this unworkable and ridiculous idea for a primary to select the opposition leader of the alliance. 

The intransigence of Halifa to commit himself to change of leadership in this country continue to baffle me and many people eager to bring dignity and liberty to our politically and economically mismanaged country. With the imprisonment of the top UDP leadership and the growing state of hopelessness of a fragmented cartel of disunited opposition parties, only a formidable alliance could enticed the masses to vote Yaya Jammeh out of office come December 2016. Halifa’s call will only add salt to injury.

In the interview, Mr. Sallah is suggesting to select a candidate that should be respected by Jammeh. Is Halifa now telling us that Yaya Jammeh who once described the opposition as “donkeys”, has respect for PDOIS? Where was Halifa when Jammeh was disrespecting our religious leaders, ridiculing the diaspora Gambians in the struggle to free us from the repressive regime of Jammeh? Where was Halifa when Jammeh deridingly castigating Gambian men and throwing scorn at the Mandinkas threatening to forcefully return them back to Mali? 

If Halifa thinks that because his newspaper was never set alight or he has never been asked to stop publication is a sign of respect from Jammeh, then he must be living in another planet. The only person that Jammeh respect is the leader of the UDP party that is why he is locked up in jail for the most frivolous charges.

Perhaps Halifa can form an alliance with Jammeh’s APRC to finally seal the fate of Lawyer Darbo. It common knowledge that Halifa will never accept the fact that UDP is the largest opposition party in the country and the jailing of Darbo have made him even more popular than Jammeh and Halifa combined.

The best place for Halifa is to join Jammeh’s University to become a full-fledged professor where he can proffer ideas on how to consistently lose elections and still believe to be the most popular politician. Unless Halifa can tell us how the primary will be conducted throughout the country without going to the IEC to conduct the vote and who will foot the bill for the most expensive nomination process of electing a leader, it is absurd to still show arrogance when Jammeh is continuing to solidify his oppressive rule.

Can Mr. Sallah guarantee that any primary to select an opposition candidate will not be infiltrated by Jammeh’s thugs who can vote massively for a candidate of their choice. Primaries are for selection of party presidential candidates and not for a candidate from a group of disunited political alliance who must be ‘respected’ by Yaya Jammeh.

I only hope this would be the last of Halifa’s failed agendas. Agenda 2001, 2006 and 2011 were all the personal reflection of Mr. Halifa Sallah’s antiquated political ideologies.  

Gambians want a leader who can defend our freedom and be faithful to our constitution.

Written By An Insider 

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