A Raleigh Federal Court today granted bail to a Raleigh man, Alhagie Boye, AKA Gambian sniper, who was detained last week on charges of conspiring to overthrow the autocratic regime of Gambian dictator Yahya Jammeh, the Freedom Newspaper can reveal. Mr. Boye, who was held in Lillington, just outside Raleigh, appeared this morning at the New-Bern Avenue Federal Court for his bail hearing. Mr. Boye, was granted bail, pending the determination of his case. No monetary deposit was required for Boye’s bail. 

Under the bail arraignment accorded to him, Mr. Boye is free to work, but should avoid having contact with law enforcement. He should also avail himself to the court when needed.

Mr. Boye has been accused of procuring firearms to overthrow a foreign government, which prosecutors say violates the US Neutrality Act. The Act forbids US citizens from partaking in arm intervention to overthrow a friendly government. 

In meantime, Alhagie Boye, has reunited with his family. Mr. Boye is a cab driver by profession.

The Sene-Gambian Community living in the Triangle showed up in court to show solidarity with Mr. Boye.  Mr. Boye, has been described as a quiet gentleman. He is very reserved and sociable, one resident said. His involvement in the December, 30, failed coup surprises many people here in the Triangle. 

Sounding excited Mr. Omar Ann, a Raleigh resident broke the news of Mr. Boye’s release from custody. Mr. Ann said Boye has been granted bail through a third party. He adds that Boye’s bail doesn’t prohibits him from working, and going about his life. Although, Boye has been asked not to leave the country, until the determination of his case, Ann said.

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