It has been a tumultuous year for Gambians this year. It is impossible for any Gambian to say their heart is filled with serenity and peace at this point when news for our dear motherland is of violence, killings, persecution of women, our youths dying on risking backway journey and not so banging WAESSE reports. Back home, our country is tense and full of pageantry drama from mercenary Nigerian judges fostering with our laws to earn a conviction of our elders. They fail to understand our culture and that we are all connected as a family one way or the other. Closer to us in Europe and those in America, those heroes involved in December 30th are serving their sentences. It’s so bad that many diasporian just tuned themselves out of Gambia because of the depressing news, continuous heartbreaking events that paused us to reflect, pray and shed tears. This is not the time for us turning our face away. 

APRC regime have created an atmosphere where most people take nothing seriously except trading their bright future with endless partying, which is unfortunately accepted as the norm in our era. Instead of harnessing the talents of Gambians, building on those positive dynamics which make Gambia unique, and striving to alleviate most Gambians out of poverty, regime is busy doing what it does best and as a result, the country has fallen into or deeper into poverty. If you doubt this, let’s harken back to when he first took office and ask yourself the question. Are we better off now? It seems majority of Gambians and the world have enough of Yaya Jammeh and collectively holding their breath whiles praying for him just away with everything he has stolen for the violence to end. And all of these events are happening among a time of political and economic uncertainty right before elections in this coming December. 

APRC regime – wrapped up themselves in their imaginary Gambia of Jammehbia and now have become expert in window dressing the truth to titillate the curious. They have created an atmosphere of   decisiveness so bad that the chances of hope and prosperity seems to be slim for majority of Gambians instead of lifting the spirit of Gambians. Concern for our fellow men and women now requires a litmus test so as to speak of your catered ideas and beliefs before pointing you to a particular direction. Many who took the risk of working for the regime go to work each day not certain they will return home at the end of the shift. Those who assume leadership positions are hoodwinking the population about truth, exploiting our women instead of steering young dynamic Gambians from so much hateful partisan rhetoric instead of giving them clearer people of our nation being in chaos. 

The usual political finger-pointing began with everyone except Yaya Jammeh whom is the author of this mess. We are appalled by what we perceive as injustice when our service men went in the wrong side of history, to fabricate lies and assist the state in jailing our elders whiles they brutalize those whom they should serve.  Meanwhile, Yaya Jammeh is still confusing mutual respect and words of wisdom with Violence and incomprehensible hatred. We need healing and that begins the day when Yaya Jammeh gives us his back and heads to wherever, for us to have peace.  You walked into our statehouse with your gun in 1994 and fooled us. Please leave with them. We need peace for our deal mother land. 

Written By habib ( A Concerned Gambian)

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